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A Sneak Peek of How we Ensure a Smooth Transition for our New Payroll Clients

Going to the movies can feel like a big commitment. Not only are you investing a couple hours of your precious time but with the average ticket priced at $9, plus popcorn (around $7), soda ($5) and candy ($4), a movie date can quickly turn into a $50 evening. (Bring your kids along and that will double or even triple your ticket and food prices. Hire a sitter and spend another $40.) At times it’s totally worth it because some movies have to be seen on the big screen.

But what if the movie turns out to be a bust, not a blockbuster?

This is why trailers are so handy. Being able to preview the action makes committing to the movie feel like a lot less of a gamble.

What if you could get a sneak peek at the process for switching to a new payroll provider that may be a better fit for you, resulting in less frustration and pain-free payroll?

The Seamless Switch with Patrick Payroll

We have worked with lots of businesses who outsourced their payroll but weren’t satisfied. If that’s you, maybe you are still digging through multiple systems to get the information you need. Maybe you have had an issue with this week’s payroll and despite contacting your provider 48 hours ago you’re still waiting on a solution. Or maybe you’re running your own payroll with a self-service solution but you’re overwhelmed with calculating and filing your own payroll taxes and year-end forms.

If you’re considering transitioning to a new provider you may be worried about your paychecks being incorrect. (Cliffhangers are fun in movies but not when it comes to whether your payroll will go through without a hitch!) Or you might be concerned that your software will be hard to learn.

We get it. The good news is that with great preparation and communication all of the unknowns around a new payroll system can be happy ones!

Here is a helpful sneak peek of how we handle onboarding at Patrick Payroll.

  1. Our conversion starts before a contract is signed. Our team will do a thorough review of your needs to offer a new solution that is tailor-made for your business. (We’ll even leave out what you don’t need to keep it simple!) Our operations crew will  create a custom plan and timeline for your conversion based on what system you’ve been using.
  2. Our team will discuss the conversion process with you and we’ll agree on timeline together.
  3. Once you decide to partner with us, we’ll have a kickoff call with our implementation team to get all the necessary details to begin setting up your new system. These details include your HR policies, leave policies, time-keeping rules, and tax IDs so we can build a solution that’s specific to your needs. We’ll also get your login to your previous system.
  4. We’ll pull all relevant data from your previous payroll system and process it into our system.
  5. Next, we verify data accuracy against your previous system and all tax filings.
  6. We train all of your administrators/users on our systems and processes. (This is just the beginning. We also offer ongoing support including weekly webinars to make sure you’re getting the most out of your platform.)
  7. We process the first live payroll run with you to make sure everything comes out perfectly.

For a list of tips when considering switching payroll providers check out our blog, “Changing Payroll Companies? Tips for a Seamless Transition.”

Knowing the process is helpful but it is also important to know the people that will guide you through the transition. Real people. Not unfamiliar voices on the end of a customer service line. Consider this our “trailer” and your behind-the-scenes look at our culture at Patrick Payroll.

In Your Corner

At Patrick Payroll we want you to be confident in trusting us help you to knock out your payroll and HCM frustrations. We aren’t payroll vendors, we’re partners who come alongside you to streamline your processes and make your payroll pain-free. Set up a free 30-minute consultation now. (And our pricing is way more reasonable than a night at the movies!)