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Should You Offer PTO?

Should I Offer PTO?

Life is unexpected; sometimes it’s in the form of an emergency, and other times, it’s in the form of a miracle. Either way, we can’t control life’s surprises, whether good or bad. However, we can control how we react and respond to them –- and as an employer, you can control how you help your…

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The Three C’s of Leadership (and how they impact your company)

Before the world (and the business world) changed forever after COVID-19, we thought we had a solid idea of why our employees came to work, why they worked hard, and when they felt engaged.  As long as our employees showed up for work, we assumed they didn’t care about us developing, challenging, and inspiring them. …

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What to Consider When Hiring Remote Employees

Over the course of the last year, with stay at home orders and kids out of school, remote work is now a way of life. Additionally a lot of businesses have discovered that hiring remote employees has expanded their talent pool to find even more ideal candidates for their open positions. Hiring remotely is brand…

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Increasing Engagement with Remote Employees

increasing engagement with remote employees

It’s easy to feel distant from remote employees when you don’t see them in person. To truly increase employee engagement and culture, HR must take steps to bridge the gap and include all employees, not just those who sit in a chair in your office. As working remotely becomes more common, you’ll likely have teammates…

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150 Things HR Professionals Worry About

150 things HR professionals worry about

So HR just hires people, right? If you work in an HR role, you’re shaking your head. ThinkHR compiled the following list of 150 topics that HR professionals handle. Whirks’ mission is to keep you out of the grind so you can focus on your company’s WHY – the passion behind your organization. If you’re…

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Finding Answers to Your HR Questions

When making sure your HR policies are compliance with federal, local and state laws, Google isn’t always your friend. Here are 3 tips for finding accurate answers to your HR questions.

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How to Set New Year’s Resolutions in an HR Role

It’s that time of year – your Facebook feed is starting to fill up with people talking about the New Year’s resolutions they’re going to crush this year. The age-old question remains: how long will they last? Gym memberships spike in January and start to fall off in February and March. Too often, we set…

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Tips for Avoiding HR Overload

If you are responsible for HR in your company, a smorgasbord of tasks probably lands on your desk each day. You already know that being adaptable is a crucial part of working in any job, especially in human resources. However, when your normal routine is derailed, it’s easy to start feeling overwhelmed. We could spend…

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