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What to Look for in a Payroll Service as a Small Business 

Payroll Service

From navigating tax complexities to embracing modern conveniences, learn how to streamline operations for your small business with the right payroll service. Explore the must-haves, including efficient employee portals and streamlined support, ensuring accurate and timely payroll processing.

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How to Switch Payroll Services Smoothly

While stationed in 29 Palms, California, my husband and I surprised our children with a short vacation to Palm Springs. We were excited, having booked reservations at a small resort hotel not far from there, in Desert Springs. The brochure displayed beautiful rock walls throughout the main entrance and dining areas and a large pool…

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What is the best PTO policy to offer your employees? 

A good PTO policy to offer your employees is more important now than every before. Why? Do a quick Google search on “work-life balance,” and you will find everything from what it is—  “Work Life Balance Defined”— to any number of tips and tricks on how to improve it. Although the term was coined in…

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The best practices for onboarding employees in 2023

Onboarding Employees in 2023

You’ve advertised your job opening. You’ve been bombarded with responses. You’ve interviewed a number of candidates. And you’ve – finally! – come to the point where it’s time to begin onboarding your new employee! But wait. Is that an ‘O’ in their email address, or a zero? And have they already filled out their W4?…

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