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Top 5 Features to Look for in a Payroll Service as a Large Business

Imagine you’re the captain of a massive ship and you come upon some treacherous waters. Your crew, a group of skilled individuals, are relying on your expertise to keep the ship on course. Thankfully, you’ve invested in some of the best equipment and systems for your ship, so you know with your expertise, the ship’s…

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Electronic Onboarding: The Best Fit For New Hires

onboarding for new hires title

You’re opening a new business – congratulations! Also, how have you been sleeping? Have you had a single moment for yourself recently? Opening a new business comes with an ENDLESS task list to accomplish. You’re simultaneously excited, exhausted, and trying to get everything right before you open.   One thing we’ve seen take new owners way more…

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The Best 3 Payroll Providers in Arkansas

best payroll providers in arkansas

When researching this article on the best payroll providers in Arkansas, I realized that some of my favorite memories come from our neighboring state. Learning how to fly fish on the White River, watching Razorback football on Saturdays, and spending summer weekends out in Heber Springs to name just a few. From its breathtaking landscapes…

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HCM, ASO, and FMLA: Understanding Payroll Acronyms 

If you’ve started a business, you may have heard folks throw around payroll acronyms like HCM, FICA, and ERC. That’s because no matter what group you interact with, you will find that they have their own original lingo. Whether it’s a sports fanbase (Grit N Grind!) to a friend group from high school, it can…

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