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The Pros and Cons of Connecting a Retirement Plan to a Payroll System

Who doesn’t love a good buzzword? In my world, “integration” is a big buzzword that gets thrown around as a way to simplify life, improve performance, and fulfill all your hopes and dreams! …Okay, maybe it isn’t that extreme, but it is presented in terms that often make me think is it too good to…

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Integrating QuickBooks Online with your Payroll Software – Can my business do this with Whirks? 

In the world of small business, getting accurate and timely financial information is paramount to success. Among the various components of financial information, labor costs stand as a critical pillar. In today’s digital age, integrating your small business’s payroll system with your financial systems, particularly QuickBooks Online, can significantly streamline operations and bring forth a…

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Payroll Service Pricing: Per Process vs Per Employee Per Month (PEPM)


Running a small business is no joke. As an owner, we wear so many hats – from HR to marketing, operations to customer service. We’re always looking for ways to streamline and optimize, especially when it comes to costs. That’s why today, we’re diving deep into the world of payroll service pricing.  You’ve probably come…

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The Power of Bundling Payroll, HR, and Insurance Services for Your Small Business

bundling payroll

In the small business realm, you often find yourself in a jungle of tasks, responsibilities, and decisions that extends well beyond your initial entrepreneurial vision. Beyond your primary business activities, you are tasked with managing the intricate and often challenging realms of payroll, human resources, and insurance – all crucial elements that are integral to…

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How to Maximize the Benefits of the FICA Tip Credit for Businesses

Federal Taxes – some of the population’s least favorite words, both among business owners and employees. From the moment we earn our first paycheck, we are greeted by the omnipresent FICA deduction, a constant companion throughout our working lives.   But if you are a business owner in an industry with tipped employees, the FICA Tip…

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Why you’re getting tax notices — and what you can do about it

Getting tax notices is stressful — but a lot of that stress can come from the unknown. A little bit of education on what SORT of tax notices you’re getting can go a long way toward releasing you from that anxiety. It’s understandable, after all opening the mailbox and seeing tax notices IRS or another…

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The best features to look for when picking an employee time clock 

Whether it’s choosing a new car or a new smartphone, figuring out which features and benefits are your must-haves is key to the buying process — that’s especially true when figuring out which employee time clock to use. That said, you probably don’t have time to sift through online reviews and Consumer Reports there are…

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ACA Common Ownership Rules – Don’t be guilty by association 

Just the other day, I had to speak with one of my kids about getting in trouble at school for talking when he wasn’t supposed to be. According to him, “I wasn’t doing anything wrong!” Of course, I can relate to that. There were many times in my childhood that I got in trouble for…

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