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ACA Common Ownership Rules – Don’t be guilty by association 

Just the other day, I had to speak with one of my kids about getting in trouble at school for talking when he wasn’t supposed to be. According to him, “I wasn’t doing anything wrong!” Of course, I can relate to that. There were many times in my childhood that I got in trouble for…

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How to Protect Yourself From Payroll Fraud

Payroll fraud is real, and it happens more than you might think. Have you ever received a text or email asking you to click a link and you just knew that it wasn’t legit? It seems like every day I get hit with multiple requests from people claiming to have something for me — or…

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Identifying and empowering your second hat HR person 

Second Hat HR is a term we use with small businesses that do not have the need for a person that sits in an HR role on a full time, permanent basis. This idea stems from identifying all the different functions (Sales and Marketing, Finance, Operations, HR, Admin, etc.) business owners may fill as they…

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The downsides of earned wage access (daily pay)

daily pay

One of my favorite stories to tell about my childhood is when my parents broke my pinky finger! Pretty dramatic, I know, but as a 12-year-old boy it felt like the end of the world. I was playing football at school one day when I caught the ball a little bit wonky and injured my…

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7 Insurance Policies Every Business Needs 

Insurance Policies Your Business Needs

You get to work and notice that there is a weird buzz amongst the staff for this time in the morning. Not thinking too much about it, you grab a cup of coffee and head to your office when someone asks you, “Have you heard what is happening?” At this point, your curiosity has been…

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The Year-End Payroll Checklist in just 5 Steps

Making sure your payroll situation is wrapped at year’s end might seem like a far off task, but that time goes quickly. Don’t believe me? How many people put Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving? Seems like every year around this time, this question is posed to spark an interesting debate among friends. There is the hardcore,…

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3 mistakes to avoid when setting up a 401k plan

Offering a retirement plan is a great benefit that allows employees to contribute to their future in a meaningful way. But this great benefit can turn into a nightmare for employers if it is not handled appropriately. Take a look at the three most common mistakes we see employers make when starting a retirement plan…

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How to set up payroll taxes for remote employees

I had my first chance to work in the payroll world when I was finishing up my junior year at college. A friend of mine knew a guy that owned an accounting firm, and he needed some help processing payroll for about 40 different companies. I didn’t know anything about payroll, but I thought it…

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What platforms integrate with my payroll system?

I have to confess, anytime I go to the doctor and fill out the packet of forms they give me, I never fill them out fully. I will pick the questions that seem pertinent to me and ignore the questions that seem like a waste of time or that are redundant. Why? Because I feel…

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