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Switching Payroll Providers: When’s the Best Time?

Switching Payroll Providers

You just can’t with your current payroll provider anymore. You can’t ever get someone to pick up the phone when you need help. Or they’ve dropped the ball one too many times getting all your employees paid on time. Or maybe your business is growing and expanding, and your current provider isn’t growing with you.…

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4 IRS notices: How to Handle Them

Are you worried about receiving an IRS notice?
While that’s understandable, it’s most likely nothing to worry about. 99 percent of the time, IRS notices are harmless. Find out how you and your payroll provider should respond here.

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Creating a Time and Attendance Policy (4 Steps to Get You Started)

Once upon a time, employees arrived at work, pulled a paper card from the wall file, and fed it into a time clock that punched or stamped the date and time of arrival or departure. And before the punch time clock was invented, Fred Flintstone would yank a prehistoric bird’s tail, which would scream, signaling…

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Is Outsourcing Right for you?

Should I outsource?

Regardless of industry, small business owners have one thing in common: constantly running in a million different directions. There are customers to serve, books to balance, taxes to pay, and employees to manage. Work is non-stop.  And the thing is you didn’t start your business to do most of these things. You started a business…

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4 Main Payroll Provider Types: Which One is Best for You?

You’ve been in business for a few months or years, and you’ve heard about outsourcing your payroll and taxes to a third party. But what kind of businesses will run your payroll and tax deductions, do an effective, efficient job, and keep that stress off your desk?  The Internal Revenue Service (yea, that one!) has…

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Four Ways your Accountant can Improve your Bottom Line

“Only 40 percent of Americans possess a basic understanding of economics and personal finance.” National Financial Capability Study  While you may only be slightly surprised by these stats, it is concerning that so few Americans understand their finances or the economy as a whole. Although, it’s easy to understand why. Calculating risk. Inflation. Compound interest.…

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Who is Whirks?

Who is Whirks

Great question. Maybe you’ve heard about us from a fellow business owner, or you received an email from our sales team. Or perhaps you’ve just seen the name and wondered what the heck is a Whirks?  We want to let you know exactly who we are, what we do, and why we do it. We…

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Employee Review: Pros and Cons of working at Whirks

Working' at Whirks

We’re a small, growing company where employees have multiple roles. We don’t offer the traditional career growth plans or customary promotions after a particular time. Whirks is not a place for those looking to fast-track it to the C-suite. Having served as Sales and Marketing Team Leader for the past three years, I’m here to…

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Attract and Retain New Employees with a HCM System

The workforce has adjusted to many changes over the last year – from remote offices and Zoom calls to mandatory facemasks and social distancing. Despite the negative impact on employee experience (EX), organizations did their best to persevere throughout the disruption by quickly adapting to new ways of working. However, the toll of the pandemic…

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