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Mastering Payroll Timing: How to Navigate Bank Holidays

There we were, on the deck of a pool at 2:30 in the afternoon. We had arrived early so that we could get changed in the family locker room; it was my daughter’s first swim lesson. We were about to learn that the 30-minute lesson was actually scheduled to start at 2 and that we…

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Why a Payroll Integration May NOT Be the Solution Your Business Needs

title to payroll integration blog

Payroll Integration is sort of like the lottery. How so? Winning the Mega Millions lottery sounds great. Even after the government takes its cut, the hundreds of millions of dollars that you get is enough to never have to worry about money again. Managed well, the funds you won overnight could keep you and your…

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Helping Your Employees Understand the Withholdings on Their Paychecks

I was confused and upset. Then, I became upset that I was confused! I was certain my employer was cutting corners or at the very least, not understanding my situation. It was my first job, I was sixteen years old, and I was earning $4,000 a year working the concession stand at the local movie…

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How to Avoid Direct Deposit Scams

direct deposit scams

Your payroll deadline is 30 minutes out. You are almost finished getting everything in when you see an email from your hardest-working employee asking for you to change their direct deposit account information. In the email, they say their upcoming check MUST go to the new account. Eager to appease them, and under the pressure…

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How long should I keep my payroll records?

When I was a kid, my family had two full-sized filing cabinets filled with the important documents of our life. Each of the siblings had their own files, where my parents kept our prized papers. Report cards, Parent Teacher Conference notes, and tests we did well on. Looking back, it was a way for my…

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3 Common HR & Payroll Mistakes Architecture Firms Make

architecture firms make mistakes payroll

Before we talk about payroll mistakes architecture firms make, first: a story. I love children’s stories. They can teach many lessons in simple and entertaining ways. For example, in the tale of The Three Little Pigs, there is so much wisdom to glean from the goofy story that is ostensibly about a big, hungry wolf…

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Is a Tip Pool Right for my Restaurant?  

In my first and only job in the food service industry, I worked as a cashier at the counter of a fast-casual burger joint. I was chosen to be a cashier because my enthusiastic friendliness would prompt diners to actually leave a tip when the POS asked if they wanted to. Yes, we were one…

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The 7 best payroll reports you need to run for your business

We’ve all been there. Trapped in a conversation by a storyteller who insists on sharing even the most minuscule details. Our interest died long ago, and all that’s left to do is smile politely and pray it ends soon. When there’s too much information, it distracts from the purpose. Getting the right information as quickly…

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