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Top 3 Tips from the Whirks Staff

Top 3 Tips from the Whirks Staff

What’s your top three tips for small business owners? We asked our local experts (the Whirks staff) for their best bits of wisdom!

Rose Heckendorf, Client Care Coordinator

1. Make sure you’re keeping your business and personal expenses
separate. It’s a lot easier to do this on the front-end and it can save you a
lot of costly headaches.

2. Do your due diligence when hiring. 
It’s worth the extra time to make sure you’re getting someone who is
trustworthy and will fit into your culture.

3. Keep your “why” in the forefront of your mind and have
fun.  When you’re starting out, it’s easy
to lose sight of what you’re doing.  Your
“why” is tied to your goals and you should constantly be working
towards those and enjoying the ride as much as possible.

4. Bonus tip: Listen to those who are wiser and have been there. It’s
nice when you don’t have to learn ever lesson the hard way.

Greg Henderson, HCM Consultant

  1. Find the HR solution that fits what you need to grow
    your business.
  2. Proper training can prevent lawsuits, workplace
    injuries, and low employee engagement.
  3. You need a detailed plan in place for when your
    super star leaves.

Kacie Salsbury, Payroll Specialist

1.    Lighten your paperwork load
– Use iSolved’s Onboarding service to alleviate new hire paperwork stacks (and
losses!), minimize errors by removing the need to re-key employee data, and
automatically and safely store completed forms electronically.

2.    Keep your Employee List tidy – Review your
“Employee Zero Earnings Report” periodically to ensure that your Employee List
is as up-to-date as possible.  This will
eliminate the possibility of paying an inactive (or worse, terminated)
employee, and reduce overall Payroll costs.

3.    Let iSolved do the
calculations – Eliminate the burden of having to track employees’ hours,
maintain additional spreadsheets for Paid Time Off accruals, and remember to
include Holiday hours when entering payroll by taking advantage of iSolved’s
Time service, which will do it all for you automatically.  Reduce payroll preparation time to a couple
of clicks of the mouse and a review of the system-generated reports!

Kaitlyn Maness Wright, Client Care Coordinator

1. Hire carefully. Fire quickly.

2. Start a business library.

3. Absorb everything.

Shelby Betts, Sales and Business Development

1. Outsource your accounting to trusty experts

2. See above

3. See Above

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