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Why Bigger Isn’t Always Better When it Comes to Payroll Providers

Why Bigger Isn’t Always Better When it Comes to Payroll Providers

If you’re like most people, you don’t have spare time to watch the minutes tick away while you wait to talk to a random customer service rep. You probably do it enough in your personal life, whether you’re troubleshooting a home internet outage or trying to get to the bottom of a medical bill. Pressing “0” to “speak with a representative” only to listen to 17 minutes of lame hold music before talking to a stranger is maddening. Your time is valuable.

If you’ve outsourced your payroll to a large national provider, this experience might sound all too familiar. Take Melissa Williams, Director of Operations, at Gould’s Day Spa. She found working with a national payroll company frustrating due to their problematic customer service. Every time an issue arose she had to submit a job ticket to a nameless, faceless, customer service rep. By the time she got a response, a simple question had often ballooned into a source of great tension. Melissa’s frustration encouraged her to switch to Patrick Payroll and she found we were easier to reach.

In addition to accessibility, there are several benefits to outsourcing your payroll and human capital management (HCM) to a smaller provider.

Advantages of Working with a Smaller Payroll Company

  1. Be a name, not a number. It is nice to be a big fish in a smaller pond. When working with a smaller company you’ll know who you’re talking to. Your call isn’t just another transaction to us, we value our relationship with you. (If you want to be a number go to the DMV.)
  2. Smaller payroll companies get small business. If you’re talking to someone in a call center, chances are they can answer your technical questions but they probably don’t have enough of a relationship with you to understand your business’s challenges and aspirations. Small payroll companies can truly become an extension of, or partner in, your business, helping you evaluate and improve your payroll and HCM processes.
  3. A family atmosphere means you’re treated like family. Smaller offices can more easily cultivate culture. Good culture promotes employee engagement and reduces turnover. This means you’re less likely to deal with a revolving door of contacts and the staff person you’re working with actually knows and interfaces with the CEO. (If you want a feel for the culture at Patrick Payroll, check out the video below. You can actually see the people you’ll be working with!)
  4. Smaller companies can mean less red tape. If you have feedback or need to make adjustments, smaller companies are more flexible in adapting to your needs or the changing market. Your payroll specialist is likely to be in face-to-face meetings with decision makers rather than four degrees of separation from them. This means issues can be resolved quickly because there aren’t several layers of management that decisions need to be filtered through.

In Your Corner

We are proud to offer the experience and academic credentials of a national firm, along with the personal attention of a smaller company. We go beyond payroll and offer our clients guidance on how to streamline their entire HCM process. This means worry-free payroll, less stress and more time to tackle more important things.

And if we ever have to put you on a brief hold, our music selection will fire you up. You may actually be disappointed we answered! (Give it a try!)


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