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Integrating QuickBooks Online with your Payroll Software – Can my business do this with Whirks? 

In the world of small business, getting accurate and timely financial information is paramount to success. Among the various components of financial information, labor costs stand as a critical pillar. In today’s digital age, integrating your small business’s payroll system…

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The Top Five Mississippi Payroll Providers

Elvis Presley, Oprah Winfrey, Jim Henson, and Britney Spears-- what's their common...
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How to Determine Overtime Hours for Restaurant Workers (including tipped wages)

Being a business owner is certainly not for the faint of heart....
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Hiring a Remote Worker in a Different State? Here’s What YOU Need to Know

First off, congratulations on hiring a new employee! This is an exciting...
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Is a Tip Pool Right for my Restaurant?  

In my first and only job in the food service industry, I...
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How to Maximize the Benefits of the FICA Tip Credit for Businesses

Federal Taxes – some of the population’s least favorite words, both among...
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The 5 Worst States to Hire Remote Employees From: The Challenges of Remote Hiring

Before remote hiring, just plain regular hiring has always had its challenges....
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The 7 best payroll reports you need to run for your business

We’ve all been there. Trapped in a conversation by a storyteller who...
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How Much Do Employee Benefits Cost for a Small Business?

As businesses strive to attract and retain talented employees, providing comprehensive and...
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First Steps

Avoid Penalties: 3 Common Payroll Mistakes Small Business Owners Make 

We live on a very narrow two-lane road with no shoulders. It is thickly lined on both sides by overarching trees. The weather-worn asphalt has...
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The 3 Pros (and Cons) of a PEO

Payroll people, man. They just can't get enough acronyms. FLSA, PPP, ERC, ACA, HCM? Now you're reading an article about a PEO. When does it...
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Under the Same Roof: Understanding HCM & Its Features

For a long time, I thought HOA was a type of insurance. I had no idea it meant “Homeowners Association.” Then again, I thought it...
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Growing Business

The Problem with Making Short-Sighted Small Business Decisions

Running a small business is hard. New problems and unforeseen circumstances can come up daily. Still, when you base your decision-making process on fixing everything in the “now,” you might actually be making your business’s “later” that much tougher. How…

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Creating Your Culture

How do you create leave policies that are generous and practical? 

Leave policies are a delicate matter for any company. As a small business owner, I, like you, often struggle with the balance of what is truly expected and what, in my mind, is generous to my employees.  I want to…

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