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Our clients are our champions

Our clients are hundreds of small businesses who are making their community better and providing opportunities for their employees. We will always be right beside our clients helping them get to the top of the staircase, just like Mick and Rocky. Change is inevitable, but with Whirks, it isn't disruptive.

Gould's Salon and Spa


An anything but glamorous back office
Handling payroll for 380 employees
Managing systems for 11 locations

Life with Whirks
The team is able to relax knowing that their employees will be paid on time, their records are tidy and up-to-date, and they can rely on someone just down the street that will answer the phone and help out when they call.

Photo via @GouldSalonSpa Facebook page

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We have worked with hundreds of companies to take them beyond just payroll to full human capital management.

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