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Category: Accounting

4 IRS notices: How to Handle Them

Three words that strike fear into every American: Internal Revenue Service.  Receiving a notice from the IRS conjures images of going to jail, losing your...
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Four Ways your Accountant can Improve your Bottom Line

“Only 40 percent of Americans possess a basic understanding of economics and personal finance.” National Financial Capability Study  While you may only be slightly surprised...
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Do I Qualify as a Recovery Startup Business? Can I claim the Employee Retention Tax Credit?

Picture it: USA early 2020. A busy holiday season of shopping and socializing has passed, leaving the country in the quiet wake of winter. Americans...
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What is the Employee Retention Tax Credit, and Can I Still Apply?

Maybe you heard a rumor about a tax credit from the Federal government at a recent chamber of commerce meeting. Or you glanced at a...
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How to Keep Your Payroll From Consuming All of Your Profit

Over the past few weeks we’ve looked at all the things related to paying your employees, including direct deposit, payroll frequency, and setting salaries. Now...
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