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Change is in the air

I’ve probably heard this phrase a million times, and I smile every time I hear it because I know it means change is coming. Around my house, fall is an exciting time for many reasons. With the new season, we get cooler weather, comfort food meals, and football, which leaves everyone excited. (Not to mention more Starbucks trips!) Unfortunately, fall brings the end to summer, which means it’s time to close the pool. Adjusting to school schedules can get tricky, and our internal clocks need to adapt to days that get darker earlier. 

If you think about, doesn’t all change come with a list of positives and negatives?

When is the last time you moved or switched jobs? Brought home a new baby or had an older child move back home? If you spent the time to list the pros and cons, I would guess both sides of the list fill up pretty evenly. Although change brings exciting new moments, it also means adjustments have to happen. 

Businesses aren’t much different – change happens.

We work with change often, because we know when we bring on a new client, every employee in the organization will feel the impact of the new system on some level. Our priority is to always make the change as simple and straightforward as possible. Our goal is for everyone in the organization to be able to focus on the positive enhancements that are coming and eliminate frustration. We make sure teams feel prepared with proper training to ensure the transition happens smoothly and seamlessly. 

Your payroll and HCM systems should be adapting with you, not making seasonal changes more difficult. Let’s schedule a quick 15-minute call so you can decide if it makes sense to keep discussing your options.

As always, we’ll only suggest a change when the positives outweigh the negatives.