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Five Ingredients for a Great Company Culture

Baking soda. Baking powder. What’s the difference, right? Well if you’re baking, using baking soda instead of powder can leave a bitter taste in your mouth. Teaspoon or tablespoon? If you’re talking about how much hot sauce to add to a recipe the difference could be dinner with a kick, or dinner in the trash.

Ingredients matter. The perfect blend can mean the cake everyone always begs you to bring to the next office potluck or a restaurant having a customer for life. Omitting one ingredient, or making a bad substitution, can equal dinner disaster.

Workplace culture is no different. You need the right mix of people, guided by seasoned leadership, who add to the flavor and success of your business.

If you think culture doesn’t matter, check out a few highlights from this survey of nearly 2,000 corporate CEOs and CFOs:

  • More than 90 percent of executives said culture was important at their firms;
  • More than 50 percent of executives said corporate culture influences productivity, creativity, profitability, firm value and growth rates;
  • Only 15 percent said their own corporate culture was exactly where it needed to be;
  • And 92 percent said they believed improving their firm’s corporate culture would improve the value of the company.

There are ways to positively impact your corporate culture throughout your employee lifecycle and it starts even before you utter the words, “You’re hired!”

Here are some critical ingredients that impact, for better or worse, your business’s culture:

  1. Recruiting. Look for the winning combination of skill and personality. You don’t need to hire clones, but you should hire people who contribute to your culture. Allow prospective hires to meet others from your team. There are some attributes, like chemistry, that you just can’t size up from a resume. (More tips for making great hires here.)
  2. Onboarding. We’ve covered this extensively in our blog, “Employee Onboarding: How to Fuel your New Hire’s Success,” but here is the bottom line: how you set up your employees for success (or failure) from day one has a lasting impact on their performance and retention. Don’t mess this up.
  3. Employee Engagement. Just like in any relationship, don’t let things get stale after a while. However, if you’re not continuing to court your employees after you hire them, another employer will likely catch their eye. Not to mention, disengaged employees are not productive employees. (Tips on boosting employee engagement in this blog.)
  4. Benefits. Offering your team perks doesn’t have to break the bank. Benefits like closing early on Fridays in the summer, or giving your employees a nice discount on meals at your restaurant may be the icing on the cake for potential recruits.
  5. Celebrating wins. Just like the Food Network, we love a little friendly competition. (Although we generally stay away from bake-offs!) We also like rewarding our people for surpassing goals. People like to come to work when they and their contributions are appreciated. (At Patrick Payroll, our culture is one of the things that differentiates us from other businesses. Stay tuned for a future blog on celebrating wins! In the meantime, we put together the following video to highlight what it’s like to work for us and with us.)

Did you know your payroll provider can offer solutions that impact your culture, solutions that can make hiring, onboarding, benefit administration and performance management, a piece of cake? Let us streamline your payroll and HCM functions so you can focus on building an awesome business that people want to work for.