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Press Release Template

Spread the news to your community!

Email Template

Spread the news to your clients!


Five Ways to Boost the Value of Our Partnership

  1. Broadcast the announcement through newsletters, blogs, and social media (whichever platforms/channels you use to spread news) to all of your clients and followers. Use the hashtag #WhyWhirks and/or #OneStepBetter on any social media platform, and we may share your post with our social media followers.

  2. Make sure you tell your local news outlets by personalizing and distributing the provided news release template.

  3. Copy and paste the sample email text, personalize, and distribute via email using the method you prefer.

  4. Add our logo to your website and other digital materials so your clients know we are your preferred partner.

  5. Notify your clients about our partnership using the email templates provided. Add your logo to personalize.

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