Paying the Price for Status Quo

I enjoy reading, I’ll read just about anything put in front of me given the right circumstances. I’ve read hundreds of recipes for things I’ll never cook, read articles on everything from surviving in the Arctic if I ever find myself stranded there to why Michael Jackson is the greatest musical entertainer of all time (which I will have to respectfully disagree with). I can even tell you what shampoo to use if you want full, voluminous hair. The only thing I don’t really care to read is instructions.  I find the frustration that comes from assembling, disassembling, reassembling incorrectly a second time, again disassembling and finally reassembling correctly to be therapeutic. It truly allows me to explore the depth of my vocabulary of curse words, and sometimes I’ll even discover some new ones.

A number of years ago, I read a fantastic book (the name and author now escapes me otherwise I would give them credit). It was a book on achieving financial security, and saving for the future. One of the key points in the book was to assess your service providers; cable, car insurance, cell phone etc., on a regular basis. I immediately took that information and did absolutely nothing with it. One day, years later when I was paying bills I came to the realization that my cable bill was more than my electric, gas, water, sewer and trash combined. It didn’t of course start out that way, but over the years fees and increases just kept adding up. So, I got on the phone with my cable provider and told them I was going to drop my cable because I could no longer justify the cost. They immediately transferred me to “customer retention” and literally within seconds cut my bill 50%. I didn’t rant and rave or go into any long story about why, I just told them I was going to drop the service. With a new found sense of empowerment I followed that call up with a call to my cell phone provider, they dropped my bill by 30%. Two simple phone calls saved me literally almost a couple hundred dollars a month. Now of course my initial reaction was of happiness thinking about how I could use that money. After a day or so to think about it I grew irritated. I had been with those providers for years, now I find out that they’ve been nickel and diming me to death. If they knew they could save me that much money why weren’t they proactive on their side? Why did it take a call from me? It shouldn’t be that way, I deserve better treatment. The whole point of this story is to draw attention to the fact that there are areas to save money whether it be in your own household or in your business. Take a minute to look at your providers, more specifically your payroll providers, after you add up all the extra charges I’d be willing to bet that you’re paying more than you think. If you could save your business a couple hundred dollars a month by making a quick phone call, would you? Could you use an extra couple thousand dollars a year? What would you do with it? Would you buy that much needed piece of equipment that could increase productivity, maybe give a raise to a deserving employee or maybe just take that vacation you keep telling yourself you can’t afford?

Patrick Payroll provides transparent pricing, no hidden charges, no extra processing fees just a simple monthly bill that more often than not is less than what you’re currently paying. Our goal is to provide you with the best product and back it with service that is second to none. Give us a call (901)752-2422, let’s do an apple to apples comparison and let me show you how I can make saving money a reality.


Stoney Simons, Sales and Business Development at Patrick Payroll LLC via LinkedIn