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Payroll Becoming a Nightmare? Five Signs it’s Time to Outsource

Thrillist did a survey of the Top 30 villains and monsters of all time. For the brave ones among us, here’s the full list. (View at your own risk. Seriously.) Let’s just say a blob, a clown, a shark, and a wolf-man all made the cut.

In our experience, one potentially terrifying monster was noticeably absent from the rankings. Left to its own devices, this creature can haunt business owners and HR managers like you in your sleep and cause you to wake up in a cold sweat. It steals your time and threatens your peace of mind. It’s oozing complex tax deadlines and changing regulations. It lurks around your office taking you away from profitable, core tasks.

Who is this ghastly ghoul, might you ask? Muahahahaha! (Cue Vincent Price’s maniacal laugh) It’s the… Payroll Monster.

Fighting every movie villain is a hero that saves the world and helps us sleep at night. Ellen Ripley blasts the Alien into outer space. Chief Brody obliterates the shark in Jaws. Buffy slays the vampires. The Ghostbusters slime the ghosts.

We can be your hero. So you don’t have to live in fear or stress.

Just like Belle (a.k.a. Beauty) tamed the Beast, a payroll provider can transform your unruly payroll monster into a refined, painless function of your business.

Here’s are five signs it’s time to outsource your payroll:

    1. You’re in over your head. It’s likely that managing your payroll is taking you away from critical HR tasks like hiring, onboarding, performance reviews etc. If you’re bogged down in payroll (or pulling late nights to keep up with it) your business will likely stay stagnant.
    2. Tax time has your terrified. Calculating taxes, keeping up with changing federal, state, and tax laws, plus tracking filing deadlines is enough to make your head spin. Payroll tax penalties can be some of the stiffest the IRS will levy and there is a variable payment schedule depending on when employees are paid. A payroll partner can help take the scary surprises out of compliance.
    3. More paychecks, more mistakes.  As your business grows, so do your potential payroll headaches. Delegating your payroll to a company who lives and breathes payroll can help ensure minor mistakes don’t turn into major nightmares. (For one business a $608.05 mistake in unpaid overtime for employee travel cost them more than $41,000 in legal fees!) If your business has 50 or more employees having a payroll provider helping with Affordable Care Act compliance alone can be worth the money.
    4. Mounting payroll paperwork. Is your paperwork multiplying like wet gremlins? Going green with your payroll doesn’t just save trees, it saves dollars on printing, mailing, and replacing lost checks. Plus, having your payroll in the cloud offers unlimited storage and secure 24/7, anywhere access to your employee data.
    5. You don’t know what you’re missing. Outsource payroll providers offer much more than payroll these days. It’s worth talking to a provider as soon as you have employees to learn about the time-saving services you may not be aware of, the biggest being electronic time keeping. Even for a smaller business, this helps maintain compliance, decreases payroll errors, and reduces the risk of employees “accidentally” stealing time. For most companies, including Patrick, this conversation is free.

If you’re losing the battle against the Payroll Monster, who you gonna call? How about Patrick Payroll. The experience and academic credentials of our professional staff provides our clients with the expertise of a larger firm, while our commitment to superior customer service offers a personal, one-on-one approach. Schedule a time to talk with us about how we can tame your back-office burden so you can go out and win at your business.