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Payroll vs. HCM: What’s the difference?

Let's learn about the HCM House and where Payroll fits in!

If you’re shopping for a house, there are reasons why. You’ve outgrown your apartment. You also adopted another dog and need a backyard, and at least want three bedrooms.  Think of this house like HCM (Human Capital Management). Your company is growing, you’re hiring more employees, and you have more factors to consider as a…

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Tips for Avoiding HR Overload

If you are responsible for HR in your company, a smorgasbord of tasks probably lands on your desk each day. You already know that being adaptable is a crucial part of working in any job, especially in human resources. However, when your normal routine is derailed, it’s easy to start feeling overwhelmed. We could spend…

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Change is Hard!

My kids, ages 16, 14, and 12, have been back at school about a month now. Full speed ahead, super active, and super teenagery (is that a word?). When school starts back, my wife and I’s world just changes. Back to games or practice every night of the week – usually with three kids going in three different directions. We are back to studying late at…

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What to Look for in an HCM Provider (Part 2 of 2)

Previously we took a look at factors and features to consider when choosing an HCM software. However, perhaps more important than the software you choose, is an HCM partner who can help you get the most out it’s features and simplify your processes. Because, even if you have the newest, most highly-rated HCM software, you…

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Lessons on Leadership from Braveheart

Academy Award winning film, “Braveheart,” features an iconic scene that showcases transformational leadership. Based on the life of William Wallace, a warrior fighting during the First War for Scottish Independence in the late 14th century, Wallace is urging his unlikely band of fighters to face the imposing English army. If you somehow have missed this…

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What is HCM and how does it make your business better?

Few professionals wear as many diverse hats as an HR manager: recruiter, compliance officer, trainer, culture creator, policy author and enforcer, benefits administrator, payroll manager, peacemaker, and sometimes, party planner. The list goes on. The number of responsibilities an HR professional has can be dizzying at times. The consequence of falling short on any of…

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