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What to Look for in HCM Software (Part 1)

We’ve all been there. Whether it’s a new car or an upgraded phone, we’ve invested in some snazzy features that sounded cool when the salesperson pitched them but now that we’ve driven off the lot or have left the store, we are clueless about how to use them. Maybe you’re cruising down the road and…

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Why Your HR Policies Need an Annual Checkup

When it comes to routine “life” maintenance there are some things you are probably disciplined in keeping up-to-date on: Oil change every 5,000 miles? Check. Dental cleaning every six months? Check. Flossing once a day? (Okay, we’ll skip that one.) Replace your smoke detector batteries at Daylight Savings Time? Check. Review and update your HR…

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What is HCM and how does it make your business better?

Few professionals wear as many diverse hats as an HR manager: recruiter, compliance officer, trainer, culture creator, policy author and enforcer, benefits administrator, payroll manager, peacemaker, and sometimes, party planner. The list goes on. The number of responsibilities an HR professional has can be dizzying at times. The consequence of falling short on any of…

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