The Art of Saving Time

Hate is a strong word, I try not to use it if at all possible but there are a couple of things I do hate. The first one is dusting, I absolutely hate dusting, always have. I do all the dusting in my house for the simple reason that, well, I live alone except for an 80lb dog and my attempts to train said 80 lb dog have been largely unsuccessful. He seems to have absolutely no interest in learning and usually just ends up knocking things over onto the floor and his lack of opposable thumbs makes him ill equipped to perform the task.

In an effort to reduce the amount of time I spend dusting I have chosen to reduce the number of things in my house that require dusting. There aren’t a lot of trinkets or whatnots in my house, just the necessary things that one must have in order to live and seem like a civilized human being in the event that company stops by.

The other thing I hate is shaving, what a way to fritter away hours of your life. I’ve shaved the number of days in half (see what I did there?), saving me about 15 minutes a week, an hour a month, 12 hours a year, if you extrapolate that out over a lifetime it’s hundreds of hours. The reason I hate these things so much is they prevent me from doing the things I enjoy, or things that in my eyes are productive. They prevent me from playing the guitar, and I use the term “playing” loosely, it’s really more like making unpleasant noise, or reading, or fishing, or throwing the ball for my non-dusting dog, or thinking about how I can better myself professionally. They are of no benefit, they add no value.

The same holds true in the business world. As a business person you should hate doing things that don’t allow you and your business to grow, don’t add value and fritter away your time. I hear it regularly when calling on businesses, “it only takes an hour or so to do payroll” or “HR tracking only takes me a couple hours a month.” These things are complete time wasters and you should hate doing them.

What could you do with an extra few hours a month?

I hear it from almost every business person I talk to, “I don’t have enough time”. Patrick Payroll can give you time, can save you countless hours, hours that you can use to focus on developing new products, hiring new people, hours you can use to promote your business or even just to take off a little early one day to spend time with your family or recharging your batteries.

Give me 15 minutes and I will give you hours. Call me 501-205-4434, let’s sit down, have a cup of coffee and let me show you how you can stop frittering away one of the most valuable things you have, time.

Stoney Simons, Sales and Business Development at Patrick Payroll LLC via LinkedIn