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We didn't go to vet school.

...but we do know a thing or two about helping small businesses win. From payroll to full human capital management, we can help you run a better practice, hire the best talent, and help you focus on what matters.

Worrying about scheduling, paydays, and PTO is not why you went to vet school. Let us handle your who, what, and when - so you can get back to focusing on your why.

We help you hire, manage, and develop your team.

Easy payroll processing & tax filings
Direct deposit & printed checks delivered every payday
Year-end W2 administration
Automated PTO requests, leave accruals, and holiday pay
Electronic open enrollment
ACA administration, compliance, dashboard, and reporting
Transfer applicant data into our system when it's time to hire
Uncover savings with employment tax credits

Software + Service + Guidance


Leave the payroll to the experts and forget being put on hold. Speak with a real, locally-based payroll specialist.


Build a handbook for your team with 1-on-1 feedback, and tackle tough situations with grace & support from our HR guru.


No more paperwork on the first day. Your employee can finish all of their tax forms before they even begin working.


Ensure that everyone - from vet techs to receptionists, are trained and confident in providing the best service & customer care.

Recruit and retain the best employees.

Imagine this.

A new vet tech is starting her first day. She's already reviewed company policies, watched videos on how to navigate your practice management software, and is familiar with veterinary terms.

Her first week at the job is now dedicated to hands-on learning, supplemented by continued education from our Learning Management System.

This is the perfect tool for ensuring your entire staff is trained on pertinent topics like OSHA hazards. Keep your practice running smoothly and safely, giving you more peace of mind.

"Every business thing I do - changing credit cards, changing banks - it is a freaking nightmare. From beginning to end, it is a piece of cake with Whirks. We thought it was just a honeymoon period, but they have stayed that way the whole time. They are as good today as the day we started working with them."

Paul West
West Memorial

"While payroll conversions are often difficult, this one went very smoothly. Whirks guided us through a thorough and methodical process with adequate planning, professional training and excellent support. When we call with questions, challenges, or new reporting requirements, Whirks handles our requests promptly and professionally."

Wendy Rotter
WeCare Services Inc.

"Overall, very happy. They were able to simplify complicated processes. They're a family-owned business, so their technology to process payroll allows me to spend time on other things."

DJ and Jamie Naylor
Celtic Crossing