Let us reintroduce ourselves!

Meet Whirks!

Since we stepped into the payroll world back in 2009, we have been thinking about what our name should be. Patrick Payroll just hasn’t encompassed all that we do and what we want to do. Our name didn’t clarify that we are a lot more than just an ordinary payroll company. We have awesome people who truly care about your businesses success, and we have paired that with the best technology available. This empowers your team with the data to make great decisions and live out your company’s vision and goals – or as we like to call it – your company’s Why. 

We provide everything for you to manage, engage and inspire your people.

What we do is so much more than just payroll or human resources or workforce management. We provide everything for you to manage, engage and inspire your people. The employee lifecycle has many needs, starting with recruiting the best employees and bringing them onboard, then developing them and training them on what you do and why you do it.  It requires massive compliance from licensing, to benefit administration, to simply clocking in and out, employees require a lot of pieces and systems.  We continue to manage simple things like paying your people accurately and timely on payday, and complex things like implementing benefit administration rules, performance evaluation systems, and complex time rules based on shift differentials and overnight or holiday rates. More importantly, we do this seamlessly, so you can be assured everything is being done accurately and will integrate with your other systems. 

We also don’t make you fend for yourself to try and figure all of this out.  Our team of Client Success Specialists allow you go at just the right pace and learn or implement the changes at just the right time.  Sometimes we will push you and sometimes we will pull you, but we will always be there right next to you, helping you get to the top of the stairs just like Rocky. 

Let us handle your who, what and when so you can focus on your Why.