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Running a business & managing employees isn't easy.

As a growing business, you need more than payroll. If you're struggling to understand compliance issues, having difficulty wading through bad candidates and keeping your best people, and having multiple systems that don't communicate, it may be time to find a solution that manages that for you.

Payroll Management
HCM & HR Solutions

Get back to your passion.

Our user-friendly, cloud-based solution covers the entire lifecycle of an employee, from applicant tracking to onboardingtime tracking and scheduling, to benefits administration and learning management - along with easy payroll processing, all in one platform. These streamlined procedures save you time and money, and empower you to focus on running your business and leading your employees.

Matt Circle shrunk

"Our team is ready to help and guide you, as always. Change is inevitable, but with Whirks, it isn't disruptive. We see ourselves as your partner. We want you to be able to focus on your WHY - the passion behind your business - and leave the how to us."

Matthew Patrick, CPA

President, Founder
Patrick Accounting and Whirks

Payroll Management:

We pull the data, set up the system, and manage the transition.

Change is scary, but we make it easy.

Who trusts what whirks?

We align technology with a user-friendly process, empowering you to continually grow and improve your business.

One system. Two teams. Endless possibilities.

Stop wearing so many hats and stressing out over day-to-day business operations. Empower your business, your employees, and yourself by trusting what whirks.