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Your Payroll Tech Is Only As Good As The Team Supporting It

Payroll software alone isn't enough.

With Whirks, you don't just get top-tier payroll solutions—you gain a dedicated partner ready to address your needs without the wait or hassle of call trees. Let's make payroll the easiest part of your day.

Payroll - HERO

Your Current Payroll Process May Be Holding You Back

Businesses settling for 'just good' payroll services may not see the untapped potential for greater efficiency. Without the right payroll provider and tailored software, you could be facing obstacles such as:


Inability to Pay Employees on Time & Error-Free

From incorrect calculations to missed paychecks, these errors not only impact employee morale but also pose risks of compliance issues and legal repercussions.


Delays & Inefficiencies From Inconsistent Support

Whether it's resolving technical issues or seeking guidance on payroll processes, unreliable support can disrupt your workflow and impede your ability to address critical matters promptly.


Excessive Paperwork & Administrative Burdens

From manual data entry to complex tax filings, these administrative tasks not only consume valuable time and resources but also distract you from focusing on  your business and serving your customers.

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Payroll That Empowers

You're not just selecting a solution for payroll processing; with Whirks, you're empowering your business to overcome common obstacles with a suite of services designed for you and your team’s needs. 

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all in one system

All-In-One Software for Precision & Simplification

We leverage iSolved which adapts to your specific business needs. We accommodate complex payroll requirements, varying tax rates, and more. Reduce the risk of costly errors & enhance employee satisfaction knowing everyone is paid correctly. 

dedicated service person

Your Own Dedicated Success Specialist

Your dedicated Whirks specialist is familiar with your business, deals with issues directly, providing personalized, efficient support and expert guidance. Experience peace of mind knowing that we care, just as much as you do.

one team one system

One System with One Team

By centralizing data, users gain a streamlined process for managing employee information, payroll calculations, and compliance reporting. This mean less time spent on manual tasks, allowing you more time to do what you love.

Software + Service + Guidance

Paying your employees accurately and on time is essential for a healthy work environment (and for your peace of mind). We combine awesome people with the best technology available to be your all-in-one outsourced employee admin team.



Modern Software + Outsourced Payroll Expertise

We pull the data, set up the system, and manage the migration.

You’ve Got Payroll Questions, We’ve Got Answers

Payroll perplexities got you puzzled? Check out our FAQs for clear, straightforward answers to your payroll questions.

Why do I need a payroll partner when I can just write checks myself?

I have 1099s, how do you help companies with W2 Employees and 1099s on payroll?

I have multiple FEINs and multiple locations in my company. How do you handle different FEINs and locations?

I track time through my point of sale or an industry specific software. How would payroll work if I need to track time in a different system?

My employees fill out time sheets and submit those to me for payroll. What is the advantage of an integrated time solution to payroll?

Should I have a separate banking account for payroll or is it okay to run from my operating account?

I currently issue paper checks to my employees. Are there any other options available to me other than printed checks?

What type of insurance does Whirks carry for payroll runs?

Reduce Complexities With Solutions Beyond Payroll

Pave your path to success by partnering with a payroll provider that helps you and your business get one step better, every day. 

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