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A Partner That Grows With You

By partnering with Whirks, you can offer payroll and HR solutions as an extension of your firm. 

Finding It Difficult to Meet the Needs of Your Clients?

Facing the challenge of client needs that stretch beyond the scope of current services offered can place your firm in a difficult position.


Risk of Being Left Behind

The inability to evolve with your clients might lead them to seek solutions that better fit their changing needs.


Retaining Client Trust

Choosing a partner that overshadows your firm can dilute your direct impact potentially altering client relationships and weakening the connection and trust you've worked hard to build.


Feeling Overwhelmed Alone

It’s challenging to handle everything by yourself, from following rules to making sure you’re doing the best for your clients and team, especially when you know there could be better ways.

The Right Type of Partnership Matters

Our partnerships are designed to offer you a pathway to not just survive but thrive. As you grow, our services evolve to meet your expanding needs without missing a beat.

Why Whirks?

You need a partner that you trust to help your clients accomplish their goals. With our full suite of payroll and HR solutions, you can expand your offerings, keeping your clients happy without the added work. 

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The Scalable Solution for Your Growing Businesses

It’s all about getting the support you need to grow your business and keep your clients happy.

Your Partnership Questions, Answered.

Get answers on how partnering with Whirks can support and grow your business, all while keeping your client relationships at the forefront.

Can I get access to all of my client's information in one spot?

Can I offer all your services including Payroll, HR, and employee benefits?

What does training and onboarding a partner look like?

What if I want to sell you my payroll book of business now or down the road?

Who is responsible or holds the liability for direct deposit or tax impounding liability?

Is there a risk that my existing accounting or tax clients could be targeted or taken away because of Whirks' association with an accounting firm?

Together, We Can Get One Step Better

Partner with Whirks today and leverage our customized payroll, HR, and Benefits solutions to simplify your operations and enhance your service offerings. 

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