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Focus More on Change and Less on Payroll

When payroll runs smoothly, it eliminates distractions and builds trust, letting everyone concentrate on the impactful work you’re doing together.

Payroll for NonProfit

Is Administrative Overload Undermining Your Mission?

Juggling payroll, benefits management, and compliance often distracts from your core mission. These common nonprofit challenges drain energy and resources, making it harder to serve the community effectively. 


Endless Compliance Updates

Staying updated with local, state, and federal employment laws is an ongoing struggle that consumes valuable time and resources.


Resource Allocation Strain

Efficiently managing payroll and benefits within the constraints of a tight budget can result in financial pressures and significant administrative burdens.


Employee Engagement Obstacles

Attracting and retaining dedicated staff is tough when competing with the benefits and salaries offered by for-profit sectors.


How Your Nonprofit Will Benefit

get back to your passions

Drive Your Mission Forward

We're here to help you manage your entire employee lifecycle, from hire to reitre, empowering you to reach your goals.


Simplified and Accurate Payroll

Leverage automated payroll solutions that efficiently allocate wages across various funds or grants, reducing your workload.

Onboarding - new

Welcome Talent with Ease

Attract and retain top talent effortlessly with our electronic onboarding tools, removing the burden of administrative tasks.

Time and Attendance

Time Well Spent

Adopt flexible scheduling for your diverse workforce and eliminate the need for manual tracking and data entry, all while maintaining accuracy.

great culture

Positive Employee Experiences

Cultivate a workplace environment that encourages meaningful interactions, collaboration, and peer recognition, inspiring your employees to thrive.

Retirement Submission

Make Every Dollar Count

Gain insights into labor metrics like hours worked, headcount, overtime, and more, helping you effectively control costs.

Is Your Mission Getting Lost in Complexity?

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Simplify Your Operations & Amplify Your Impact

Change isn't easy, but with Whirks, it’s not disruptive. We pull the data, set up the system, and manage the migration.


Your Nonprofit Payroll Questions, Answered.

Find quick answers in our FAQs to equip your nonprofit with the support and knowledge it needs.

Can I control access, workflow, and review rights to different employees?

Can I track employee labor costs to different programs?

How do I manage remote employees?

Can you assist us with managing employee Giving and Volunteering?

What is included in the complimentary Giving and Volunteering add-on for Nonprofits?

How can Whirks' program help increase our Nonprofit's fundraising capabilities?

What support does Whirks offer to maximize the impact of our volunteering efforts?

How does integrating iSolved with Whirks benefit our Nonprofit organization?

Redefine What’s Possible for Your Nonprofit

Say goodbye to the complexity of back-office tasks overshadowing your goals. Whirks brings ease to payroll, HR, and benefits, empowering your nonprofit to focus on making a meaningful difference.

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