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Sweat the Workout, Not the Payroll

Any of the big payroll companies can process paychecks for you every two weeks, but that's the bare minimum of what a franchise owner needs.

At Whirks, we provide true customer service, so when something goes wrong, you'll be directly connected to people with payroll and HR expertise who also understand your business.

Video about What Makes Whirks Different than other Payroll Providers

Owning a HOTWORX Shouldn't Feel Like a Heat Session

Do you find yourself sweating payroll, HR hurdles, or paperwork when a new hire starts? This takes the joy out of owning your studio and causes:


Delays and Frustration From Inconsistent Customer Support

When support is hit or miss, solving urgent payroll or employee management problems becomes a bigger hassle and can leave you feeling stuck.


Hindered Business Growth

Without a streamlined payroll system, franchise owners can face administrative burdens and compliance issues, consuming time and resources that could otherwise fuel business expansion.


Costly Errors to Occur

Feeling lost in the legalities of employment laws costs more than just peace of mind. Without clear guidance and compliant resources, you risk potential fines or unknowingly break laws.

Focus on Fitness, Not Finances

Running a HOTWORX gym should energize, not overwhelm you.

From simplifying your day-to-day with efficient payroll processing to making sure you're always ahead of HR and compliance, we're here to help your HOTWORX thrive.

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Effortless Payroll Processing

Say goodbye to the tediousness of manual payroll management with a solution that automates the process. Easily manage employee payments, taxes, and compliance, all with the support of a dedicated team that's just a call away.

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Onboarding - new

Onboarding with Ease

Get your staff up to speed from day one with electronic onboarding, ensuring they’re ready to deliver the exceptional HOTWORX experience your clients expect.

Workers Comp

Workers’ Comp That Works as Hard as You Do

Only pay for the coverage you need, aligned with your gym's fluctuating payroll. Reduce your upfront costs, enhance cash flow management, and let us handle your year-end audits. 

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Do you own a HOTWORX and are interested in payroll services?


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Simplify Your Operations & Amplify Your Impact


Your HOTWORX Questions, Answered.

Find clarity on all things payroll, HR, and insurance. Get quick answers to your pressing questions about using Whirks for your HOTWORX gym.

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What is Pay-As-You-Go Workers' Comp?

When would I need the People Package?


We’re Here to Be a Partner in Your Gym’s Journey

Let us handle the complexities of payroll, HR, and insurance, so you can focus on what you do best - creating a community that values health, wellness, and the power of infrared fitness.

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