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One Outsourced Team For All Your Employee Administration Needs

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Everything Under One Roof

No more juggling multiple vendors, logins, and systems.

You're Not The Middleman

Your people can talk directly to our people as if they were your in-house team.

We're Invested In Your Success

We're incentivized to see your business grow not just sell your more stuff.

HCM + Benefits Services

The Whirks!

The all-in-one people support system

A comprehensive solution to simplify all your employee needs

Sick of balancing your employee data between multiple vendors, technologies, and brokers? Whirks is your one-stop-shop for all your people systems so you can save time and money while knowing your employees are taken care of.

Our Most Comprehensive Offering

One Outsourced Team For All Your Employee Administration Needs


One technology for all your people systems

Payroll processing and tax filings

Year-end W2 administration

Electronic Onboarding

Time & Attendance

ACA Compliance

Pay-As-You-Go Worker's Comp

Human Resources

Resources and support to help you focus on your people strategies while keeping you compliant

Risk analysis

Federal and state-compliant handbook

Department of Labor posters

Access to our HR Hotline

Monthly HR Workshops

HRIS support (FLSA, EEO, and Workers Comp)

Benefits & Insurance

A hands-off benefits experience delivered by a team you trust

Monthly Carrier Bill Reconciliation

Open Enrollment Management

Employee Hotline

COBRA Administration

Section 125 Compliance

Competitive insurance rates


Offering employee benefits comes with the burden of educating employees on the details of those benefits, making sure the benefit plans are in line with employee needs, knowing when employees can and cannot make changes, collecting all the enrollment information, and making sure the information is appropriately communicated to the carriers and payroll team for setup of deductions. All of that must be executed in compliance with strict rules of the IRS to ensure employees are treated fairly and adequately cared for.

Any business that offers or wants to offer benefits without the headache that comes with it. If you are lightly staffed in your HR or admin teams, this is a home run!

The HCM + Benefit Services package is our only offering that includes ongoing administration of your benefit plans directly to your employees. Our dedicated team supports you with all of your HCM technology needs, payroll processing, HR strategy, and insurance and benefit implementation.

A PEO requires a co-employment relationship where the business leases their employees from the PEO. This relationship requires a loss of some employee control as your “employees” are bundled together with employees from other organizations. Also, PEO’s have complicated fee structures, high prices, and inflexible technology. With our services, the employer gets all the benefits of having a PEO, but still maintains the traditional employer-employee relationship.

We bill $45.25 per active employee per month (PEPM) with a minimum of $400/month for the administrative services that are being offered.

You get everything! This is our most premium package that includes everything that we do. Generally, it means that when you need us to do something, we’ll get it done! Our goal is to remove, not reduce, the administrative burden that employee benefits put on employers.

No need to take the stairs.

The HCM + Benefit Services remove the heavy lifting from your team and allow us to elevate your administration processes. One technology run by one team to provide you with one efficient solution.

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