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Compliance Resources + Access to HR Guidance

A solid HR foundation is a must-have for a healthy business, but managing it in-house is a big hassle for most businesses.

When you outsource your HR with Whirks you get all the tools and resources you need to be HR-compliant, plus access to an HR leader that sits beside you to answer questions and need help.

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Outsourced HR Helps Your Business Thrive


Don't sweat the guesswork when it comes to compliance. Our HR guru is here to answer all your questions.

Risk Management

Lean on the experts for advice, determine potential risks, and learn how to prevent them.

Build Culture

Manage and gauge the performance of your team for a happier, healthier work environment.

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workplace compliance HR package

Whirks People

Everything you need to stay in compliance with labor laws and access to HR leaders to HR questions and provide guidance.

  • Risk assessment and documented plan of action.
  • Federal and state-compliant employee handbook.
  • Department of Labor posters delivered to your workplace.
  • Access to an HR Hotline.
  • Access to HRIS software for support with FLSA, EEO, and Workers Comp.
  • Hiring, onboarding, and leave of absence policies and documentation management system.
  • Access to monthly HR Whirkshop where we tackle top-of-mind problems that impact your people.

HR Deliverable Details

  • Comprehensive handbook created for you 
  • Full compliance with federal & state requirements 
  • Update and edit policies or content at any time 
  • Uploaded to iSolved so your employees can acknowledge it electronically 
  • Annual handbook review 
  • Full risk assessment completed for your organization 
  • Serves as the basis for your customized plan of action
  • Hard copies mailed to you 
  • Receive a new poster after all critical updates from the Department of Labor at state and federal levels 
  • Full access to email or call the Whirks HR Hotline 
  • No more unreliable Google searches to find HR questions 
  • Get solutions from our experts for your unique situation 

Human Resources Information System 

  • HR management subfolder lives in iSolved for easy access 
  • All critical HR tasks are tracked and accounted for 
  • We are responsible for testing all salaried employees in order to validate their FLSA Exempt status 
  • We are also responsible for the "Job" screen in iSolved and we validate the FLSA Exempt status, EEO Category, and Workers Compensation items 

You'll have direct support streamlining: 

  • Hiring procedures 
  • Onboarding 
  • Employee notifications 
  • Rewards/recognition programs
  • Leave of absence procedures

You will have full access to our templates and tutorials to help with the functions of HR. All of our critical processes are legal, compliant, efficient, and competent. 

Meet the HR Team

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Meet The HR Team
Meet The HR Team
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