Outsourced HR Services

People are the single most important asset in any business, and they are also the most vulnerable.

Explore how Whirks can help you turn HR into a value center.

  • Stop worrying over compliance.

    With experts on your side, there's no more guesswork to compliance.

  • Proactively manage risks.

    You'll have a knowledgeable, reliable source for expert advice and preventative measures.

  • Build a winning culture

    Increase employee satisfaction and propel your business to achieve its goals.


All packages include Whirks HR Academy: topic-based training and implementation training on-demand


Self-service HR

  • Whirks HR Hotline
  • Living handbook with annual review
  • HR risk assessment and action plan
  • Department of Labor posters
  • Human Resources Information System and Support
  • Overall process review and support


Working alongside your team

Essentials PLUS

  • Performance Management (PM) Evolution
  • Management training
  • Talent Development (Ideal Team Player)
  • Best Places to Work action plan
  • Job description analysis and support
  • Key Result Areas/Key Performance Indicators
  • Unlimited support


Whirks fills the HR role

Essentials and Elite PLUS

  • Strategic planning
  • Coaching executives on HR issues
  • Driving HR initiatives
  • HR position gap filler/leadership
  • Unlimited support

HRO Action Plan


• Handbook/policies

• Risk management


• Job analysis/creation

• Performance management

Policy & Procedures

• Process review

• Training and development


• Executive coaching

• Learning and development

HR Essentials Package

  • Comprehensive handbook created for you
  • Full compliance with federal and state requirements
  • Update or edit policies or content any time
  • Handbook uploaded to iSolved so your employees can acknowledge it electronically and have it readily available in their employee portal
  • Annual handbook review included
  • Full risk assessment completed for your organization
  • Serves as the basis for your customized plan of action
  • Hard copies mailed to you
  • Receive a new poster after all critical updates from the Department of Labor at state and federal levels
  • Full access to email or call the Whirks HR Hotline
  • No more unreliable Google searches to find HR questions
  • Get solutions from our experts for your unique situation
  • HR Management subfolder lives in iSolved for easy access.
  • All critical HR tasks are tracked and are accounted for.
  • Whirks will be responsible for testing all salary employees in order to validate the FLSA Exempt status.
  • Whirks will be responsible for the “Job” screen in iSolved and will validate the FLSA Exempt Status, EEO Category, and Workers Compensation items.

You'll have direct support in streamlining:

  • Hiring procedures
  • Onboarding procedures
  • Employee notifications
  • Rewards/recognition programs
  • Leave of absence procedures

You will have full access to templates and best practices tutorials to help facilitate the proper functions of HR operations.

All critical processes are legal, compliant, efficient, and competent.

HR Elite Package

All features in Essentials PLUS

Whirks will help you clearly define the essential responsibilities for each role to achieve outcomes that align with your company's goals and formally evaluate these roles twice per year.

  • Assess potential
  • Identify training needs
  • Identify and correct poor performance
  • Validate hiring tests
  • Motivate employees
  • Your HRO Manager will meet with you to understand opportunities for improvement and discuss the overall course outline and standards.

  • Training focuses on the basics of developing skills and traits to increase a manager's effectiveness as a leader and identify and eliminate behaviors that limit effectiveness.
  • Best practices in talent development are created using 3 guiding principles—Hungry, Humble, and Smart.

  • The Whirks HRO Playbook will define, describe, and develop how you can use the model to enhance your company's current and future team and culture.

  • Demonstrate to clients, customers, and the general public that your company is doing something right. 

  • Your HRO Manager will work with you to discover which competition is appropriate and build a plan to set your company up for nomination and/or winning the competition in the next calendar year.

  • Descriptions break down the job into duties, tasks, attributes, and competencies needed to complete the job.
  • Job descriptions are written so that anyone, whether familiar with the job or not, can "see" what the worker does, how they do it, and why it is necessary.
  • Improve manager/employee relationships with a clear definition of what winning looks like for each role in your organization.
  • Whirks will complete a 7-step process to determine:
    • Key responsibilities
    • Desired outcomes
    • Clear expectations

HR Executive Package

All features in Essentials and Elite PLUS

  • Your HRO Manager will create a strategic plan to:
    • Run or help facilitate an assessment
    • Draft a plan
    • Establish an implementation timeline
    • Evaluate the results
  • Strategic planning ensures all HR functions align with your company's purpose and goals.
  • Whirks represents a bridge between executives and the rest of the employees.

  • Your HRO Manager can coach leadership on HR issues and emphasize why and how HR can assist the company in reaching its goals.

  • Your HRO Manager is the primary point of contact to resolve performance/behavioral issues between management and employees and can also serve direct disciplinary actions.

  • Your HRO Manager will create, manage, lead, and evaluate all training programs that boost employee performance, engagement, and or employability.

  • HR initiatives are broken down into two main areas:

    • Tactical activities signify more routine and operational concerns that enable normal and smooth functioning of day to day operations in the company.

    • Strategic activities are those that consider people as its primary assets and define plans in such a way that we use these assets in the most appropriate manner in order to achieve the organizations' business goals or objectives.

  • The Whirks HR Team can substitute for one or more absent roles in your business to fulfill HR functions.

  • Whirks will fill the gap and lead comprehensive projects that require a lot of people - from leadership to the rest of the workforce.

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