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Why Whirks?

Payroll, HCM & HR Solutions

We combine awesome people with the best technology available, empowering you and your team with full human capital management.

From helping you pay your employees, to guiding you through benefits administration, we're here to help you and your business get one step better, every day. Let us handle your who, what, and when, so you can get back to your why.


What makes us different?

Whirks pairs awesome people who truly care about your business' success with the best technology available.

Our mission

From payroll, to HR, to full human capital management, we empower you, your team, and your business by helping you get one step better everyday.

Taking care of the entire employee lifecycle

The employee lifecycle has many needs. Needs that you don't have time to bog you down. We support your ability to manage things like:

  • Recruiting your best talent
  • Onboarding your new teammates
  • Developing and training your people
  • Implementing complicated scheduling, time and attendance
  • Paying your staff accurately and timely on payday
  • Implementing your benefit administration process
  • Allowing you to have a system to evaluate performance of your team

Let us handle your who, what, and when, so you can focus on your why.

Growing your business should be your primary focus, not payroll, HCM or HR. Our experience and expertise combined with our attention to service allow us to provide you with the resources of the larger providers but the personalized attention you want. We make the payroll, HCM, and HR process feel less daunting, and walk with you from start to finish. With Whirks, you get a dedicated team that understands you and your needs and works diligently to make your life easier, helping you get one step better every day.

Matt - Color

"Our team is ready to help and guide you, as always. Change is inevitable, but with Whirks, it isn't disruptive. We see ourselves as your partner. We want you to be able to focus on your WHY - the passion behind your business - and leave the how to us."

Matthew Patrick, CPA

President, Founder
Patrick Accounting and Whirks