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4 Revolutionary Steps to Grow your Business  

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    Clint and Jessica Nobles own HomeCare Ops, a business that helps in-home care agencies take profitable steps to exit daily operations, increase recurring revenue, and get their lives back. 

    Jessica’s passion for caregiving began at the early age of eleven when she began homeschooling in order to care for her grandmother. By age 17, she was juggling a job in the emergency room and attending nursing school until an elderly couple requested private care. 

    Word quickly spread of Jessica’s talent in caregiving, and by the age of 18, she started her first non-medical home care agency. Years later, after working as a franchise developer for larger home care agencies, she set out to start her own business again. 

    With Jessica’s passion and experience, and Clint’s operational methodology, they made six figures in revenue after just two months in business. By the end of the year, they owned a million-dollar company. 

    The Whirks team met the Nobles at a home health care conference in Florida last year and was blown away by their drive, expertise, and compassion for business owners. We’re grateful for their guest appearance on our recent podcast and excited to share (some) of their wisdom.  

    So if you’re interested in starting your own business or you’re a seasoned owner looking for a refresh, this article will outline Jessica and Clint Nobles’ revolutionary steps to growing your business. 

    Create consistency. 

    Every business experiences seasons of profit and loss, growth and stagnancy, and general ups and downs. But Clint advises business owners to envision growth and success like steps, instead of oscillating curves. 

    Clint and Jessica help owners understand that consistent operations are the key to your success; it’s not just about growing and gaining. They encourage their clients to get really good at one thing – and then take on the next challenge and get good at that. 

    These quick wins, repeated over and over again, will build upon the excellence that you’ve already created. 

    “Your success is built on continual, intentional actions.” 

    Clint Nobles

    “What we teach owners is to look at where they are the most consistent and inconsistent,” Clint says, “if you’re inconsistent, you aren’t going to grow.” 

    >> Think about it like working out and training for a triathlon. You can’t expect to see results if you don’t create the habit of going to the gym. 

    Instead of looking at revenue dollars as the main measure of success, the Nobles look at revenue dollars as your plateau. 

    >> Back to the gym analogy: the treadmill is a great place to start, but if that’s all you do, you’re going to plateau. You can’t compete in a triathlon if you don’t practice swimming and cycling.  You won’t gain muscle or see dramatic results. 

    Outsource to the experts.

    As a business owner, you need to constantly nurture your entrepreneurial spirit. By trying to be good at everything and be involved in every process, you lose time and energy that could be spent envisioning new goals for your business, leading your team, or seeking a new venture. 

    Jessica urges business owners to outsource some of their processes to other “zones of genius” in order to focus on learning more, cultivating their talents, and energizing their teams. It’s important that you train, teach, and coach your employees so that they share your passion and succeed in their roles.

    >> If you’re training for a triathlon, but don’t know how to swim, you wouldn’t waste time and risk trying to learn by yourself. You would hire a swim coach to teach you so that you could keep training without distracting too much time from running and cycling. 

    If you outsource your back-office processes to an expert, it lifts the administrative burden off of you and helps you redirect your energy and time to your team and your goals. Instead of worrying about processing payroll or staying compliant, you can get back to owning your business. 

    Be a purpose-driven owner.

    “I’ve noticed that the difference between a successful business owner and a failing one is their point of sacrifice: are they sacrificing their own life and thus, the quality of their service?” 

    Jessica Nobles

    It’s crucial that business owners possess a passion for what they do – but when does your ‘reason why’ start affecting your operations, and thus, your consistent growth? 

    When this occurs, Jessica encourages her clients to make their decisions from a business standpoint instead of an emotional one. The more you can achieve as an owner, the further your mission can grow and impact your community. 

    Many times, passion outpaces your own capacity as a leader and you need help. Whether you’re baking cupcakes, serving others, or building engines, your passion will end up stunting your growth as a business. 

    >> If you become obsessed with winning the triathlon, you’ve lost sight of the purpose: getting healthy and proving to yourself you can crush a major athletic feat.  

    You have to have an infrastructure in place so that you can accomplish your vision, your mission, and your goals. You have to be purpose-driven and have a team to support your growth, so you can enhance your total impact and influence. 

    Work on your business, not in it. 

    The first thing people think about when Jessica mentions “exiting daily operations” is selling their business. But she challenges them to think about decreasing their physical presence while increasing their influence.

    “I don’t want to completely exit my business, but I want to reduce my daily operations footprint.”  Clint laughs, “wouldn’t it be amazing to keep your business afloat from a fishing boat?” 

    The Nobles’ business was made possible by exiting daily office tasks and continuing to grow as action-based leaders, aka, bringing out the best in your team by learning, doing, teaching, training, and coaching. 

    >> Years later, you’re a champion triathlete. Instead of continuing to compete, you’re helping others train and equipping them with the knowledge that you’ve learned. 

    “As a business owner or leader, you don’t have to be the best at everything. But as an action-based leader, you have to bring out the best in those around you.” 

    Action leads to clarity. Clarity leads to consistency. And consistency leads to control. And within control, you will find success in your business. 

    If you’re a home health care owner looking for guidance in growing, check out Jessica and Clint’s coaching program or watch the full podcast episode here.