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Insurance Brokerage + Outsourced Benefits Administration

In the past, you would purchase employee health insurance from a broker, but then YOU would have to deal with all the ongoing hassles of administering the benefits for your team.

Whirks handles both for you.

Benefits & Insurance

It's Easy to Offer Benefits to Your Employees


Your Plan

Our licensed, in-house agents helps you choose and purchase a plan that's right for your team.


Onboard Your Employees

We help you get all of your employees onboarded and covered under your new plan.


We Handle

We administer all things "benefits" for you, including responding to your employees.


Insurance Brokerage

In-house licensed agents with access to all major carriers and all lines of insurance. Employee/employer insurance specialist agency (not just employee benefits).

We will work with your business to provide the best coverage that is uniquely fitted for you. We research, present, and provide you with a policy that works for your business and your team.

Our upside is that we're not selling you more products to get revenue (not primarily incentivized by commissions) but giving you the right coverage at the right price with the right carriers.


Benefit Administration

  • Manage all open and ongoing enrollments
  • Manage all life-change event enrollments
  • Reconcile billing every month (only billed for people participating and have the right payroll deductions in place to make sure everyone is paying for their share).
  • Employee hotline (questions, paperwork)
  • Compliance (All COBRA and PopDoc is up to date every year)
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Insurance & Benefit FAQs

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