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What is different about the new HCM + benefits services at Whirks? 

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    I was once awarded the highest academic grade point average for Home Economics in high school. And sadly, I was too embarrassed to go to the honors night to accept the award! Who me? The high school athlete who could not put his pride aside to accept an award for a class that centered around good home-keeping?? I would have never admitted it at the time, but home economics was one of my favorite classes and I learned a lot of valuable lessons there that I applied later in life.  

    One thing I learned was how to bake a cake. Now, this was no basic cake. No, we didn’t just whip up a store-bought cake mix and call it good. This was a cake that was not only moist, but bursting with flavor due to the top-notch ingredients, time and effort put forth to achieve the finished product.  

    So what does baking a decadent cake have to do with running a business? This is actually one of my favorite analogies to use when discussing the ins and outs of a business. It does not take much effort to buy boxed cake mix at the grocery store, mix the ingredients together with an egg and some oil, and bake for 15 minutes at 375 degrees. The result of your effort is indeed a cake. But is it a good cake? Sure, it is edible and tastes good, but compared to what? The 40 other boxed cake mixes at the grocery store? 

    Many organizations run their day-to-day with just enough “ingredients” (think boxed cake mix) to get them through the day. These organizations are made to live in a reactive state rather than strategically to anticipate the ever-changing business environment.  

    I get it. Running a business is extremely difficult! There are more times than not when a business knows what they need to be doing, but either does not have the staffing to achieve these goals or the knowledge it takes to keep its organization in full compliance regarding its Payroll, HR (People), and Benefits. Fortunately for many, the Master Chefs at Whirks have helped hundreds of organizations move from a bland state of operations to thriving and being able to focus on what truly matters – building your business. Let me tell you how! 

    Our HCM and human resources outsourcing programs are changing

    For years, Whirks has offered best-in-class HCM and Human Resource outsourcing services to hundreds of satisfied clients. These features combined offer the following resources and advantages to our clients:  

    These services have served our clients well and have allowed them to be more strategic in their day to day which, in turn, has allowed them to scale their businesses. 

    Whirks felt that a key ingredient was still missing based on the feedback of our clients. Our clients loved that they had a single point of contact for their accounting, payroll, and HR needs, along with their information conveniently being housed under one roof (one “mixing bowl”). But, more and more of our clients asked about Benefits administration and what Whirks could accomplish for them. So, Whirks went back into the kitchen and crafted our most comprehensive service offering to date – HCM + Benefits Services.  

    We assure you that HCM + Benefits Services takes the cake!  

    Benefit Services will be a gamechanger for our HCM clients

    The HCM + Benefits Services features both the HCM and Human Resources package that our clients know and love, but also now incorporates Benefits Services. In efforts to make our clients’ lives easier as well as take more off their plates, Benefits Services provides the following outsourcing services to our clients:  

    A major point of frustration for our clients before the introduction of our Benefits Services was the time it took them to communicate between Whirks and their Benefits broker/carriers to offer insurance for their employees. Typically, it would take an exorbitant amount of time to not only get insurance quotes, but to go through the enrollment process (typically later than preferred), only to receive insurance cards on a delayed basis. Of course, delayed cards mean multiple employees coming to our clients complaining that they were not showing as covered under insurance when they or their family went to the doctor. Overall, this produced and frustrating experience for business owners and their employees.  

    Whirks can now broker our clients’ Benefits which essentially cuts out the “middleman” and significantly speeds up the quoting/enrollment process. Better yet, all Benefit enrollments occur in our payroll system which means that there is no need for duplication of data entry! Also, Whirks handles all back-end administrative duties to keep your organization in compliance to save you time, energy, and money! Oh, and by the way, your employees can consult with Whirks as well regarding their insurance questions and needs too!  

    We want to see you win.

    Whirks’ goal is to see our clients win. We want the absolute best for each of our clients, and we guarantee to be in their corner! Check out our tips for How to Build the Ideal Small Business Benefits Package here to dig in deeper. And for more information regarding this service and if it is right for your organization, click the button below. Whirks is confident that we can help craft the perfect recipe for your business so that you can have your cake and eat it too!