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HCAF, Meet Fred.

Fred owns Caring Whirks, a new home health care agency. After retiring as a service dog to take care of his elderly parents, he found his true passion for helping others have peace of mind knowing their loved ones are in good paws.

He’s done his research and started his business! Now he’s ready to start hiring, but he has no idea where to start.


The Problem with Hiring

Lack of Hiring Values
Lack of Hiring Values
Lack of Hiring Values

Lack of Hiring Values

Hiring at the Right Time

Hiring in the Right Way

How do you find the right candidate for your company?

How do you find the right candidates fast enough?

Is your hiring process easy to follow for potential applicants?

Fred meets Greg.

Fred and Greg bonded over being retired service men and realized they shared a passion for strong leadership. Fred opened up about his hiring concerns and his desire to find the right people for the job. That's when Greg realized the need for a recruiting boot camp.


Greg teaches Fred.

With Greg’s help, Fred realized what his values were and created his mission and vision statements. Next, he focused on writing a stellar job ad and thought about what benefits he wanted to offer his future employees.

Because he needed to hire several people quickly, Fred used a few tools, like an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), and some light advertising on social media to attract candidates to apply. With his ideal hire in mind, he scheduled several interviews.

Fred knows that his employees are his most valuable asset, and he's hired dedicated, caring staff that receive rave reviews on google. Now, he's able to manage his business better, and even have time left in his day for a game of fetch with his pups.


Hiring that WHIRKS.

Lack of Hiring Values
Lack of Hiring Values
Lack of Hiring Values

Thriving Culture


Happier Teams

Hire, fire, and reward on your values.

Get the right candidates in the door faster.

Hiring strategies that everyone can follow.

Join the Whirkshop!

What is it?

Come ready to brainstorm, create, and revise your current hiring process during this 3-hour program. Leadership teams will craft an effective recruiting strategy that your agency can implement to find the right employee at the right time in a consistent, repeatable way.

When and Where is it?

Join us during Home Care Con, brought to you by the Home Care Association of Florida on July 19th from 9am-12pm in Meyer 1.

Who is it?

shelby betts

Shelby Betts

Sales and Marketing Leader

Greg Headshot No Payroll Logo

Greg Henderson

HR Director

What will I receive?

  • Interview Framework
  • Hiring Checklist
  • Questions & Answers Session
  • Live Role-Plays and Practice
  • Hiring Whirkbook
  • Custom Job Ads
  • Key Result Area (KRA) Whirksheet
  • Hiring Scorecard

Download a Sneak Peek

GET HYPED! Download a digital sneak peek of our Hiring Whirkbook. If you attending our recruiting whirkshop at HomeCareCon, you will receive the full, hard-copy version.

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Meet Whirks

We go beyond payroll processing to help businesses like yours build a better back office so that you can thrive. Over the years, we’ve worked with several home health care companies, from relieving administrative burdens to refining recruiting strategies.

Listen to the Podcast

Clint and Jessica Nobles, owners of Home Care Ops, join us to discuss how home health care owners can grow, increase revenue, and limit their time in the office.

Read an Article

In this article, we discuss how recruiting should be like marketing, and why you should always be hiring and looking for the right people to join your team.

Watch a Demo

Watch this short demo for a brief overview of how an Applicant Tracking System can help you quickly and easily hire right candidates for the job.