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One Step Better Podcast

Designed for business owners and leadership teams who love tackling the challenges of growing their business. 

Meet your Hosts

Matt Patrick, Founder and CEO of Whirks

Matt Patrick

Founder, CEO

Matt has a passion for working with other owners who want to not only grow but who are never satisfied with the status quo. He believes in working as a team and winning as a team, and leading with generosity and fellowship. His love for the entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to helping small business owners achieve their goals continues to fuel the firm’s mission for its clients and itself, to get one step better every day.

Mike Shaeffer

Chief Operating Officer

During his time as COO, Mike has successfully led the firm through a complete internal software overhaul of all payroll systems, has seen revenue quadruple and employee count double in size. He has been an integral part of increasing overall profitability for Whirks.

Outside of the office, Mike is a husband and father of four children ranging in ages of 2-12, attends River City Church in Bartlett and has recently taken up the hobby of gardening.
Mike Shaeffer, Chief Operating Officer

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