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What Does Ongoing Support Look Like with Whirks?

March 15th, 2024 | 6 min. read

By Shelby Betts

Many businesses find themselves overwhelmed by complex processes and are often uncertain about the right steps to take because they lack adequate support.

At Whirks, we understand these challenges deeply and have shaped our services to address them head-on. With nearly twenty years of empowering businesses like yours, we've honed our approach to offer not just a solution, but a partnership.

Your success is reflected in our comprehensive support system, designed to simplify your operations and give you the confidence to manage your payroll, HR, and employee benefits with ease.<

In this article, we'll unveil what ongoing support truly looks like at Whirks.

Whirks Empowers You With Comprehensive Back Office Support

Tailored Training and Resources/strong>

Our payroll & HR services enable you to use our platform confidently to simplify administrative tasks, ensure accurate and on-time payroll processes, and create a supportive and compliant work environment.

To accomplish this, we take a 'train the trainer' approach during implementation, giving you and your team the resources you need to learn and use our technology as quickly as possible.

Unparalleled Customer Service to Enhance Your Experience

We want you to experience white glove customer service with our team. We are constantly working on our definition of what supporting you means, but in a nutshell, we give our support team the green light to do whatever it takes to deliver the right answer to you.

Sometimes that means building a custom report or walking you through a complicated process over the phone. Other times it means emailing you instructions on the best way to handle a specific question.

Having written documentation gives you a knowledge base and instructions for the next time the issue arises. Whatever it is you're trying to do, we believe it's our job to give you the tools and support you need to make payroll processing (dare we say) fun.

Now that we've given you our ideas around support, here are the most frequently asked questions about customer service.<

Will I Have a 'Dedicated Service Representative' on My Account?

Yes! Whether you've run into an issue, need a question answered, or simply want to check in with us, you will have a dedicated customer success specialist, and they are your main point of contact when you need help. You can contact them via email or call our front desk and immediately be transferred back to their line.

When your customer success specialist is out of the office, your email is seen by our entire support team, which enables anyone on our team to jump in and resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

We want you to build a great working relationship with one person, but we also know the value of getting an answer back as quickly as possible which is why we equip our entire team to answer any question you have.

Our customer success team is trained to respond to questions within one hour of receiving a message, and completely resolve an issue in four hours or less within our normal business hours (Monday-Friday from 9:00 am-4:00 PM CST).<

What Other Resources Should I Know About?

Being a supportive payroll and HR partner means providing you with as many resources, training, and information as possible to feel equipped to handle any issue that may come along.

Monthly Whirkshops

We host monthly virtual (occasionally in-person) Whirkshops as a place for clients to learn from our expert staff in a collaborative environment. We cover business best practices and discuss real problems you are facing. This is a great chance to meet other business professionals who are working on their business just like you.

Every month, our team presents a relevant topic – from culture building to budget creation –  followed by a discussion that is centered around YOUR questions. At the end, we'll provide you with a tool or task to set you up to implement what you've learned in your business.

Our goal is to make these Whirkshops a truly authentic space that can really help our clients learn and improve their business practices.

Office Hours

This is an exclusive offering for you, our clients, to help you get some face-to-face time with our team about topics you likely have questions on. When it comes to running a business, we know countless decisions have to be made to make sure things are running smoothly. And with that, comes a whole lot of questions. These office hours are meant to help with that.

Every Thursday, a few of our team members will help to facilitate conversation between you and other business peers, as well as answer questions you have about the designated topic. Think Q&A, not a webinar. It's our hope that you can take advantage of this time to get answers to the questions you really have so you can make your business one step better than it has been.<

Weekly Newsletter/strong>

You can opt in to receive a weekly newsletter which is our client news resource update for HR and payroll compliance.

We will keep you in the loop on upcoming webinars, projects, and events happening around our office, and opportunities to network with your fellow business peers.

Occasionally, we'll use the newsletter to get super technical on a small aspect of our software that you might not know about yet.

We believe in helping you get one step better every day, and that means constantly updating content and promoting ideas that benefit you, your company, and your team. We strive to make this content valuable and relevant to your business.

What is a QBR?

QBR stands for quarterly business review. During this meeting, we review your current organization, how you've changed, and what action steps you might want to take to further integrate or automate your people processes.<

The first reach-out is always a call, but please say something to your success specialist if you think a call sounds too intrusive. You will receive an invitation four times a year to schedule a QBR with your success specialist if you want to have one.

Organizations are never stagnant, and we like to stay on top of any growing pains you may be experiencing as a company./strong><

Often, we get into the weeds of processing payroll and fixing time cards on a day-to-day basis, and we may never stop to talk about how you just hit a compliance tier you need to know about or think through how you're handling a specific process internally.

It's also an opportunity for us to proactively address service issues and make you aware of new updates to our platform that you need to use. Our platform is constantly being improved throughout the year, and we want you to be aware of every update.

Your QBR is our way of giving you open office hours to address problems and future needs, or catch up with our team and tell us how you're doing.

How Do I Let My Employees Know I'm Making a Switch to Your Company?

The final step during the implementation process is a life-changing thing we like to call Adaptive Employee Experience. This refers to how your employees perceive what is happening and going on in your company.<

The Adaptive Employee Experience (AEE) is our online portal that you can use to ensure communication flows through your company properly.

With the Adaptive Employee Experience, you can offer employees seamless, secure, and self-service access to a modern platform that effortlessly manages the entire employee journey, while adapting to your future needs.

Additionally, AEE is offered via the isolved People Cloud Mobile App, where employees can enjoy continuous and secure access to essential HR-related information, including their pay stubs, tax forms, time off and more, anytime and from anywhere.

In every organization, employees need to know the rules. This means understanding what can get them landed in the HR office, what's a fireable offense, or how they can be promoted.

Your employees' lives are constantly evolving, and life updates have to be made within your organization. Your employees could get married. They might change their last names, addresses, bank information, and benefits plan.

They may need pay stubs for a loan or need to send you new certifications, update personal documents, or complete training and performance reviews. They may have a new baby and need to add new insurance policies to their benefit plan.

We help you accomplish all of this paperwork by offering a consumer-grade User Interface (UI) that is fully accessible across any of your employee's devices. This tool allows you to engage and interact with your team for all of their needs.

During the final stage of implementation, we discuss what permissions you'd like your employees to have. For example, you may want to allow them to view their pay stubs or change direct deposit information.

After you put these permissions in place, we'll turn these features on for your employees, and you'll help them log in for the first time.<

How to use the Adaptive Employee Experience

  1. To use the adaptive employee experience (which is entirely free in all of our service packages) all you need is your employees' personal email address tied to their employee account. As an authorized contact, you decide what they can access. Once that's completed, we can turn on Employee Self-Service. Employees will receive an email invitation to create their password (their username is always their personal email) for our platform. Then they will have full access to the information you've allowed them to view./li>
  2. We recommend announcing this change during a company-wide meeting or in a detailed email. We have two email templates available for you to send out to your employees, or you can use our script as a guide to rolling out self-service for your employees. We also have videos with step-by-step instructions for new employees who are logging in for the first time.

We're Here to Empower You and Your Team/strong>

We know that customer service is difficult to envision when you first start working with us, that's why we provided you with our frequently asked questions to help you get started on the right foot. Having a partner who knows you, trusts you, and supports you will make managing your employee life cycle… dare we say, fun!

Our team is here to support you and help you, your business, and your employees get one step better every day. If you're ready - let's chat!