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The Best 3 Payroll Providers in Arkansas

July 7th, 2023 | 3 min. read

By Mark Gresham

When researching this article on the best payroll providers in Arkansas, I realized that some of my favorite memories come from our neighboring state. Learning how to fly fish on the White River, watching Razorback football on Saturdays, and spending summer weekends out in Heber Springs to name just a few. From its breathtaking landscapes to the beauty of the Ozark mountains, Arkansas has a lot to offer for those visiting and those who call it home.  

Not only does the state offer natural beauty, but Arkansas is financially robust and has experienced significant growth in various industries. As businesses grow, owners and entrepreneurs are no doubt looking for trustworthy partners to help develop their business and support their back-office functions. 

How We Determined the Top Payroll Providers 

Google Reviews

One of the best ways to judge a company is by what their clients are already saying! We took into account the number of Google Reviews along with their average rating.  

Customer Service Model

The national payroll providers will be excluded from the following list. Because of this, each of these providers will have a dedicated client specialist that will be your point of contact for any needs. We evaluated this process through google reviews, their website, and customer testimonials.  

Scope of Service 

Lastly, we considered all of the additional services they offered and the diversity of industries they serve.  

Why aren’t we on the list of the best payroll providers in Arkansas? 

Our goal here at Whirks is simple; we want you to have all the information possible so you can make the best decision for your business. While we check all the boxes on the list (except being west of the Mississippi) we take pride in being a valuable resource that educates and encourages you to explore all available options to make an informed choice. 

If you want to learn more about the services we offer, click here or check out our transparent pricing page with all of our offerings. Otherwise, make sure to check out this article about when you should switch payroll providers.   

TPC, The Payroll Company 

Location: Little Rock & Bentonville, AR 

Rating: 5 stars/ 66 reviews  

Price: Request a Quote  

Number one on our list of the Best Payroll providers in Arkansas, The Payroll Company was founded in 2001. TPC originally started as a payroll processor, but now boasts a wide variety of solutions for its clientele. A fast growing business, TPC has is an Inc. 5000 company. When you work with TPC, your business gets assigned a dedicated specialist from one of the top payroll providers in Arkansas. Overall, the company prioritizes quick response times from experts ready to help. 


  • Payroll 
  • Benefits Management 
  • HR Management 
  • Hire and Recruiting Tools 
  • Streamlined Onboarding 

Because of the wide variety of services offered, TPC is a great fit for those with complex payrolls looking to streamline many different processes under one login.  

My HR Professionals 

Location: Van Buren, AR & Fayetteville 

Rating: 4.8 stars/ 51 reviews 

Pricing: Request a Quote 

The oldest on our list of payroll providers in Arkansas, My HR Professionals was founded over 25 years ago. This family-owned business offers a wide array of back-office solutions while prioritizing their relationships with the clients. Despite being located in Arkansas, My HR Professionals serves clients all across the continental United States.  


  • Full Service Payroll Processing  
  • Bookkeeping  
  • HR Management  
  • Benefits Management  
  • PEO 
  • 401(k) Plans  

My Hr Professionals has just about every service a small business might need. They are a great fit for those concerned with HR compliance while receiving white-glove customer service for all their payroll needs. 

360 Payroll Solutions  

Location: Conway, AR 

Rating: 5 Stars/ 3 reviews  

Price: Request Pricing 

While 360 Payroll Solutions is definitely one of the best payroll providers in Arkansas, it's useful to note that they actually service businesses all over the country. Coming from an accounting background, Laura Hanlom started 360 Payroll Solutions in 2012 after recognizing the significant need small businesses had for affordable and efficient payroll services. They now serve small to medium-sized businesses in all 50 states.  


  • Payroll  
  • HR Management  
  • Benefit Management 
  • Accounting Advisory  
  • Worker’s Comp Insurance 

360 Payroll Solutions not only offers payroll services, but accounting advisory as well. They are a great fit for small businesses and can be a cost-effective option for back-office administration, rather than bringing on a new hire. 

What to Consider When Choosing from Payroll Providers in Arkansas 

Because of the importance of the importance of complying with your state's tax regulations, having local a local provider can be a benefit for companies as they look for a payroll provider. Choosing a company that has experience with the state you operate in is a wise consideration. In addition to considering local expertise, a payroll provider with experience in your industry or with numerous businesses similar to yours will comprehend the challenges you face in your administrative tasks and can offer effective and proven solutions.  While this list of the best payroll providers in Arkansas may get you started on your research, you should always assess and make that judgement call on your own.

Regardless of the industry you are in, a payroll provider is a great solution to alleviating multiple different challenges business owners face. Want to keep learning? Check out this article about the Top 3 Mistakes Small Businesses Make with their Payroll.  Or maybe you're ready to talk to a payroll professional. We can help with that too! Click the button for a no-pressure chat with someone from our team.