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Affordable Care Act Requirements for Small Businesses

Affordable Care Act Requirements for Small Businesses (What you Need to Know)  You had a dream to run your own business. After months or years of hemming and hawing, you became your own boss and founded a company. Now you’re starting to make a profit and hire some employees.  But there are rules to running…

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How to Trust a Third-Party Payroll Provider

How can you trust a third-party payroll provider?

“You see? You just can’t trust anyone. The first girl I let into my life, and she tries to eat me.” –Columbus in Zombieland, played by Jesse Eisenberg Sure. It’s unlikely anyone from your payroll service provider is going to turn into a zombie and try to eat your brains. But that doesn’t diminish your…

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What is the Employee Retention Tax Credit, and Can I Still Apply?

Maybe you heard a rumor about a tax credit from the Federal government at a recent chamber of commerce meeting. Or you glanced at a news article about refundable taxes. Or maybe you dreamed about Uncle Sam sending you a check thanking you for keeping the economy afloat during a global pandemic.  Great news: it’s…

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