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Guide to Whirks Midsize Business Pricing

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    Understanding Whirks Pricing for Your Midsized Business 

    Switching payroll providers is intimidating. You’ve had a bad experience in the past, or your schedule leaves no room for change. If you want to switch providers, it’s important to know where your business stands today, and where you want it to go. 

    A great payroll partner allows you to focus on your business and your team. Instead of staying up late in the office, or dreading tax season every year, you can get back to doing what you love.  

    We started as a small business and continue to watch our team grow. Over the years, we’ve had challenging and winning days, but we’ve remained committed to getting one step better every day, and helping other growing businesses do the same. 

    Understanding which services you need and how they’re priced are a big part of picking a new provider. By the end of this article, you’ll know exactly what you need and how much you’re going to pay for it, and whether we’re the right fit for you. 

    Getting Started with Whirks Fees

    There are three fees to consider when choosing Whirks as a payroll partner:

    1. A one-time implementation fee
    2. An estimated monthly recurring fee
    3. A year-end fee for W2s and 1095s (if applicable)

    We estimate an annualized price for you based on the number of your employees and the services you want. These do not include additional expenses such as check delivery or new hire fees. 

    This annualized price allows you to understand our estimated fees for the year, but it does not mean you are committing to a long-term contract of any kind. Our agreements are month-to-month, so if you want to cancel services, all we need is a written 30-day notice, and we’ll make the transition back as easy as possible. 

    Implementation Fee

    An implementation fee is a one-time fee to transition you to our services, train you, and gather your information. 

    Our team does all the heavy lifting, converting your historical payroll data into our system, adding your current employees and their information into our platform, and scheduling live training sessions with you and your team based on the specific services you need. 

    This fee is typically 15% of your overall annual cost of service and is charged with the first payroll process we run for you. 

    For more information, check out our article on what implementation looks like.  

    Monthly Recurring Fee 

    Let’s figure out two things about your business: how many employees do you have, and what services do you need? These 2 factors will determine your monthly price. 

    Your estimated monthly recurring fee is based on the number of active employees you have in your company, and the specific services you have purchased. This pricing model is known as PEPM (per employee per month)

    If you have a midsized team of over 35 employees, you will be charged $9.05 per employee per month for payroll services.

    Our core payroll service package includes: 

    • Complete payroll and HR information systems
    • Tax services
    • Employee self-service
    • Direct deposit
    • A mobile app
    • A custom report writer, and much more!

    A number of our clients have hourly employees and need to add timekeeping and/or benefits administration to their services. This is $2 per employee per month for each service. 

    We do not charge you each time a payroll is processed or based on the number of paychecks you issue. Our fee is processed on the first payday of every month. As you customize your package and add services, this price will change.

    Refer to the table below to see how our three pricing packages work. 

    As part of helping you get one step better, we recommend considering employee onboarding. Starting at $1 PEPM, this is a major factor in turning your entire payroll process paperless. All new employee paperwork, files, handbooks, and government documents can be stored in one system. 

    We will help you determine if you need any additional mission-critical or people-centric offerings so that you can move forward and grow your business. Services that may be beneficial to you include: 

    • Outsourced HR
    • Automated 401(k) processing
    • Applicant tracking
    • Learning Management System (LMS) 

    HCM Services

    As a growing, midsized business, your back office and employee management are critical to your success. You need a human capital management service to ensure you remain in compliance with the following: 

    • Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
    • OSHA regulations
    • Family and Medical Leave
    • ACA reporting requirements

    It sounds overwhelming – but our team is here to assess your specific needs, figure out what you need now, and plan for the future. Before you meet with a sales team member, jot down any needs you would like addressed, such as complex time and scheduling, PTO, employee-related tax credits, or reporting. We will offer an honest and open assessment to determine if we are the best fit for you now and in the future. 

    People-centric services such as employee onboarding, applicant tracking (Hire), learning management (Learn), or employee performance management (Perform) allow you to better accommodate your growth, empower your employees, and streamline your processes for everyone on your team. 

    Implementing a Learning Management System (LMS) will help you track employee training and fully educate your team to help them excel in their roles. With our LMS, Learn, you can create custom courses to fit your company’s needs and departments. 

    After all, you wouldn’t want your customer care team to complete the same training as your operations team, but you would probably require both to review company policies. Our user-friendly dashboard helps you keep track of an employee’s progress, assign learning paths, and pull records of completion and certificates. (+$3 per employee per month). 

    With Learn Pro, you can create custom courses and have access to hundreds of built-in content including 150 state-mandated training requirements, such as anti-harassment policies and OSHA guidelines (+$7 per employee per month).

    Let’s take a look at the table below. If you wanted The Whirks package, onboarding, and iSolved Learn, you would pay $17.05 per employee per month. 

    No matter which package you choose, you will have a dedicated customer care specialist to support you in running a successful back office. As you grow your business, our team will tailor your pricing to your wants and needs, helping you get one step better every day.  

    Year-End Administration Fees

    Lastly are the year-end administration fees. At the end of the year, we reconcile your federal and state tax liabilities, as well as for each employee, submitting them to the appropriate agencies. This includes your federal and state W-2 filings, as well as any 1095s for ACA compliance. 

    It’s extremely important that your W2s are accurate and submitted on time. Incorrect or late penalties can be substantial. Our standard fee for W-2s is an annual base fee of $75 plus $7 per W-2. The same pricing applies to 1095s, starting with the annual base of $75 plus $7 per form.

    It’s important to understand your implementation, monthly, and year-end fees before you meet with us. This helps you budget your business better, assess your needs, and communicate your priorities to our team.  

    Determine your needs now, and plan for the future. 

    Before you switch payroll partners, determine what you need now and where you want to go. As a midsized business, you’re looking to expand and grow your team, and the right payroll and HCM partner will help you manage, organize and empower your employees.

    Our team helps you reach your goals one step at a time. You’re not just an account number to us – we strive to offer personalized, around-the-clock service to answer all of your questions and put to rest any concerns, helping you and your business get one step better every day.

    We handle your who, what, and when, so you can get back to focusing on your why. If you have any questions about pricing, or if we’re the best fit for you, reach out and schedule a quick call to learn more.