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The Top Five Mississippi Payroll Providers

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    Elvis Presley, Oprah Winfrey, Jim Henson, and Britney Spears– what’s their common link? They were all born in Mississippi, the Magnolia State! Nestled in the South, Mississippi has a rich history, stunning landscapes, and a welcoming atmosphere. From the majestic Mississippi River to vibrant cities and charming towns, the state provides diverse experiences from north to south. Whether it’s immersing in Blues heritage or savoring Southern cuisine, Mississippi seamlessly blends tradition and modernity. 

    The business mentality in Mississippi reflects the resilience, innovation, and tradition harbored in much of the state. The local entrepreneurs embrace hard work, determination, and community support, working to contribute to the state’s economic growth. To do so, it’s important that they find the right payroll partners who understand and comply with unique tax regulations and laws, ensuring compliance and minimizing legal issues. 

    How we came up with the Top 5 Mississippi Payroll Providers 

    We came up with the top 5 payroll providers in Mississippi by carefully evaluating several criteria. These criteria included the number of clients, industries served, the company’s commitment to the community, and the quality of their software and services. 

    Google Reviews

    The top five best payroll providers in Mississippi were chosen based on the number of their Google Reviews and their average rating. 

    Customer service model: 

    It is important to note that these payroll providers are not national payroll providers. Each one offers a dedicated account specialist who will serve as your point of contact for all customer support requests. 

    Scope of location: 

    Location isn’t everything, but with the complexity of local & state taxes, it can be potential benefit. The companies on this list are all located in Mississippi.   

    Using the above criteria, we thoroughly reviewed several payroll provider websites and customer testimonials to compile the list below. 

    Why Whirks isn’t on the list of Mississippi payroll providers

    Although we are a close neighbor to Mississippi (we can make it there in 20 minutes flat!), our objective at Whirks is to provide you with the necessary information to choose the best provider for your business. We understand the value and pride of working with a local payroll provider, so for this article, we stuck to Mississippi payroll providers located WITHIN the state of Mississippi. We aim to equip you with resources that enable you to make informed decisions so your business can thrive. If you want to learn more about the services we offer, click here or check out our transparent pricing page with all of our offerings. Otherwise, make sure to check out this article about when you should switch payroll providers.  

    The List 

    Independent Business Resource Payroll 

    Founded: 2002 

    Rating: 5 Stars / 3 Reviews on Google 

    Location: Olive Branch, MS 

    Pricing: Fill out your information and have an IBR payroll representative call you the same day Option 


    • IPAY – Core  
    • IPAY ONLINE – HR/payroll data seamlessly synchs with timekeeping. 
    • IPAY REMOTE – Remotely employees 
    • ITIME – Timekeeping  

    IBR Payroll was independently established in 2002 as a spin-off operation from the former supermarket wholesaler Malone & Hyde. Their primary function was to provide a high-quality accounting and payroll alternative for independent supermarket operators at a very competitive price. They have since extended far past their original roots of supermarkets to other industries and service customers in just about every area of business you see today.  They’re a great option for a Mississippi payroll provider.

    Additional information: 

    • No contracts, you can leave anytime. 
    • Clients in 37 states. 
    • Help Desk with the promise the representative will call you the same day. 

    All Pay HR 

    Founded: 2000 

    Rating: 5 Stars / 2 Reviews on Google 

    Location: Olive Branch, MS 

    Pricing: Call or Fax to request a Quote Option 


    • Payroll and Tax Management 
    • Time and Attendance 
    • Talent Management  
    • HR Support and Advice 

    All Pay HR has always been about customer service. Since their founding in 2000, they have excelled at providing an outstanding payroll processing experience for their clients. From companies with one employee to hundreds of employees, all clients can expect to receive the same personalized service. Their software is powered by MPAY. They’re a great option for a Mississippi payroll provider as well as HR support.

    Pay Pros  

    Location: Ocean Springs, MS 

    Rating: 5 Stars / 1 Review on Google 

    Pricing: Request a Quote or Book a Call to discuss Pricing Options 


    • Payroll & Tax Processing 
    • Time & Attendance 
    • Employee Self Service 
    • Human Resources 

    Pay Pros has processed payroll for a variety of clients for over 15 years. They are a full-service payroll service bureau and file payroll taxes in all states, so they are a good fit for businesses with remote workers or multiple locations. They offer direct deposit to any participating financial institution in the country. Their software is top-of-class and constantly evolves to meet the requirements of their client base. 

    Personnel Plus, Inc. 

    Founded : 1988 

    Rating: 4 Stars / 4 Review on Google 

    Pricing: Request a Quote or Book a Call to discuss Pricing Options 

    Location: Ridgeland, MS 


    • Payroll Administration 
    • HR Management 
    • Employee Benefits 
    • Workers Comp 

    Since 1988, businesses have outsourced their payroll and benefits administration to PersonnelPlus to reduce costs for a variety of services. They offer payroll processing, group benefits, worker’s compensation, and human resource management. Employee management is their specialty and they promise to save you time when you choose to work with them. 

    Right Focus Management, Inc 

    Founded: 2000 

    Location: Byhalia, MS (Additional locations: Collierville, TN & Hot Springs, AR) 

    Pricing: Call or fill in the information on their website to receive pricing 


    • Employee Benefits 
    • Payroll 
    • Risk Management 

    Right Focus Management is a privately held company that opened their doors on October 2nd of 2000. They are grateful for the opportunity to service their current clients and look forward to welcoming new folks into the Right Focus family. Their mission is to tailor payroll and human resource services to their client’s wants, needs, or requirements rather than mandating stringent rules or guidelines. 

    What to Consider When Choosing Your Payroll Provider 

    Finding someone who gets the ins and outs of the state’s tax regulations is key! Local expertise matters because it helps to ensure compliance and reduce potential legal headaches. Furthermore, when deciding which provider you should use, make sure you choose a partner that is familiar with the specifics of your business. Besides considering local expertise, a payroll provider that has worked in your industry or with many businesses of your size will know the pain points you have in your back office and will be able to offer tried and true solutions. Ultimately, partnering with the right provider should help you say goodbye to payroll worries and say hello to smooth operations!