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I forgot to cancel benefits for a terminated employee. What now?

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If there is a reason to write a blog about it, you can best believe that it happens… a lot. Employers and Human Resource professionals are humans too and will make a mistake now and again. Termination of an employee—whether voluntarily or involuntarily—is never an easy process. Not only do you have a mile-long list…

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What is different about the new HCM + benefits services at Whirks? 

I was once awarded the highest academic grade point average for Home Economics in high school. And sadly, I was too embarrassed to go to the honors night to accept the award! Who me? The high school athlete who could not put his pride aside to accept an award for a class that centered around…

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I paid an employee that no longer works for me. Now what?

So you’ve realized that you have paid an employee who no longer works for your organization. First things first: pinch yourself. Did it hurt? If so, good! That means you are human, and all humans make mistakes. Now, how do you go about correcting this oversight?   Overall, the process to reclaim funds remains consistent, but…

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What Do I Need to Do to have ACA Compliance? 

ACA compliance is important for every company, no matter the size. The problem is that there are a lot of moving pieces that you’ll have to wrangle to make sure you’re compliant. If you are anything like me, you second-guess yourself to the point of paranoia when it comes to all things business. I strive…

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