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The “Must-Do’s” of Group Health Insurance Administration 

Your organization has reached a significant milestone by implementing a group health insurance program, a strategic move aimed at not only attracting but also retaining top-tier talent. You’ve navigated the complexities of the quoting process, meticulously selected Benefits, and successfully…

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What Your Organization Should Expect When Quoting Group Health Insurance

In a survey taken by TeamStage, 49% of employees plan on leaving...
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5 Reasons You Need to Use Direct Deposit (STOP Using Paper Checks for Your Payroll)

What would you do if you didn’t have to worry about getting...
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The Problem with Making Short-Sighted Small Business Decisions

Running a small business is hard. New problems and unforeseen circumstances can...
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How to Avoid Direct Deposit Scams

Your payroll deadline is 30 minutes out. You are almost finished getting...
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The True, All-In Cost of Hiring a New Employee

When we think about expanding our teams, it's easy to focus on...
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How long should I keep my payroll records?

When I was a kid, my family had two full-sized filing cabinets...
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The Power of Bundling Payroll, HR, and Insurance Services for Your Small Business

In the small business realm, you often find yourself in a jungle...
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3 Common HR & Payroll Mistakes Architecture Firms Make

Before we talk about payroll mistakes architecture firms make, first: a story....
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First Steps

Avoid Penalties: 3 Common Payroll Mistakes Small Business Owners Make 

We live on a very narrow two-lane road with no shoulders. It is thickly lined on both sides by overarching trees. The weather-worn asphalt has...
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The 3 Pros (and Cons) of a PEO

Payroll people, man. They just can't get enough acronyms. FLSA, PPP, ERC, ACA, HCM? Now you're reading an article about a PEO. When does it...
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Under the Same Roof: Understanding HCM & Its Features

For a long time, I thought HOA was a type of insurance. I had no idea it meant “Homeowners Association.” Then again, I thought it...
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Growing Business

The Problem with Making Short-Sighted Small Business Decisions

Running a small business is hard. New problems and unforeseen circumstances can come up daily. Still, when you base your decision-making process on fixing everything in the “now,” you might actually be making your business’s “later” that much tougher. How…

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Creating Your Culture

How do you create leave policies that are generous and practical? 

Leave policies are a delicate matter for any company. As a small business owner, I, like you, often struggle with the balance of what is truly expected and what, in my mind, is generous to my employees.  I want to…

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