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How to Write an Employee Handbook
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Navigating HR: Directions for Writing an Employee Handbook

We all know the drill: on your first day on the job, you’re given an employee handbook to read and review. Some people toss it in the backseat of the car and never see it again. Some sit down with…

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Don’t Skip Employee Performance Reviews: Here’s Why (Part 1)

Chances are performance reviews aren’t something you or your employees get stoked...
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Millennials are the Future of Your Organization: Here’s What You Need to Know to Recruit, Hire and Engage the Best

Millennials get a bad rap. They’re typically characterized as an entitled 20-something...
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Tackle Your Biggest HR Challenges With These Four Best Practices

Imagine you show up for the big game. Your uniforms boast the...
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If You’re An Employer Who is Confused About the Affordable Care Act, Read This

No matter what you call it (the Affordable Care Act, ACA or...
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How to Make Payroll a Dream (Instead of a Nightmare)

Amerisleep, a mattress retailer, surveyed 2,000 people to determine the most common...
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Human Resources

I forgot to cancel benefits for a terminated employee. What now?

If there is a reason to write a blog about it, you can best believe that it happens… a lot. Employers and Human Resource professionals are humans too and will make a mistake now and again. Termination of an employee—whether…

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First Steps

Outsourcing Your Payroll: Is it Right for Your Business?

At this point, I could insure my 5-year-old golden retriever for a million dollars. From eating entire rotisserie chickens to dueling with possums, she's quite...
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The 3 Pros (and Cons) of a PEO

Payroll people, man. They just can't get enough acronyms. FLSA, PPP, ERC, ACA, HCM? Now you're reading an article about a PEO. When does it...
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Under the Same Roof: Understanding HCM & Its Features

For a long time, I thought HOA was a type of insurance. I had no idea it meant “Homeowners Association.” Then again, I thought it...
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How to make your hiring process objective 

Keeping Score is Easy, Rating People is Difficult  Scoreboards, report cards, and ratings all have the same intent—to clearly identify who is achieving and who is underachieving. Scoreboards display the winners and losers without bias, so we all know who…

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Now Hiring

Five hiring mistakes we’ve made (and what we learned from them)

Oh do I have stories for you about all of the stupid things I have done when trying to hire new employees… The list is...
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How to get better at recruiting: best practice tips for getting the person you want

What are you good at? Maybe for you, it's sports or hobby-related – or maybe the first thing that you thought of has to do...
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Do I Need E-Verify?

U.S. laws require employers to only employ people who are legally authorized to work in the United States. What is E-Verify? E-Verify is a web-based...
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Job Descriptions: 5 Stellar Steps to Attract an Allstar

When you're scrolling through Netflix, looking for a new show to binge-watch, do you blindly click on the first thing you see without reading the...
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Tech Trek

Cybersecurity for a Mobile Workforce: Is Your Business at Risk?

How many times have you left your house and asked yourself, “did I lock the door?” If you’re anything like me, you have to go back and double-check, because the one time you don’t, someone could break in, invade your…

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Cybersecurity for a Mobile Workforce

What is a Performance Management System?

"Attention is the rarest form of generosity." --Simone Weil  How wonderful does it feel when someone notices the smallest detail about you? Or recognizes how...
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The Benefits of Integrating Timekeeping with Payroll

We all know the age-old saying, “Time is money.” If you have employees, this is absolutely true. Whether they are hourly or salary, their time...
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What is Employee Self-Service?

We like to compare HCM technology to your home. If HCM is a house, then the features are all the different rooms to accommodate your...
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The 5 Benefits of Electronic Onboarding

I love waking up early in the morning. It gives me time to work out, make my coffee, and prepare for the day ahead. But,...
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7 Insurance Policies Every Business Needs 

You get to work and notice that there is a weird buzz amongst the staff for this time in the morning. Not thinking too much about it, you grab a cup of coffee and head to your office when someone…

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Local Love

Guiding Your Team Through Change

All entrepreneurs know that change is always inevitable, especially in today's environment. But a lot of the time, change is HARD. In a past blog...
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Increasing Engagement with Remote Employees

It’s easy to feel distant from remote employees when you don’t see them in person. To truly increase employee engagement and culture, HR must take...
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Why Hands-On Learning is Critical to Your Onboarding Formula

You probably participated in some type of science experiment in middle or high school. Under the watchful eye of your teacher, you donned a pair...
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A Better Way to Do Performance Reviews (Part 2)

As part of our series on best practices, we made the case for why you need to prioritize giving feedback to your team through a...
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